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Goodbye, Larned Beach

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

By Mark Wadland

Opinions Editor

The construction on campus has its pros and cons. For example, it is great that a new science center is being built here. Students studying biology, chemistry or other types of sciences will benefit most from this after the project is completed. They will have access to more labs, which will help them carry out experiments for classes or research.

The project itself, however, is taking a long time. Unexpected delays have pushed back the completion date, which is unfortunate for current students studying science.

One of my concerns with the project, however, is the loss of Larned Beach, at least temporarily. The hill was lowered by several feet for construction purposes, which is sad because it was a great place to hang out with friends during the afternoon. Now, students cannot go there to play Frisbee, toss a football around or simply think.

Of course, this is necessary for the new center to be built, but it is an unfortunate loss for some students, including me. It was also a good place to read and work on homework, at least when the weather was nice. It was a large, open space which felt isolated from the rest of campus and I cannot think of another place like it here at FSU.

The loss of this hill- if only temporarily- is a necessary evil, though, as the benefits of the project to students and faculty outweigh the lowering of one hill. That being said, it was still a very nice part of campus and it will be missed.

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