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‘Halloween Kills’ ruins my night

By Ryan Schreiber

What a great movie. Not!

I was disgusted with how “Halloween Kills” played out and I was disappointed that I spent my hard working money to see this. I should have listened to the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and just skipped it. What a waste of time and money. The movie is currently in theaters as well as on Peacock – a streaming service – which is $15 cheaper than seeing it on the big screen.

The movie opens from where it left off from the last film. Laurie Strode, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis, is still screaming in the back of a truck with her daughter and granddaughter as we see Lretrucks drive by them trying to stop the fire that she started. We see Michael Myers emerge from a house that’s engulfed in Sames, showing his immortal self.

No matter how many times you stab, shoot or knock him off a balcony, he will still be alive and slowly follow you until you succumb to him. The movie then attempts to have a shocking twist that they think the audience will not see coming but nothing has changed from this series.

Michael Myers has a never ending life span.

The acting in this movie was sinful. It was so poor that I burst out laughing. An example of this is when we are supposed to believe that a character is hurt badly but the acting makes him seem perfectly fine.

The writers brought back six characters from the first Halloween (1978) Llm just to give them 20 minutes of screentime. We don’t get to learn much about them other than they have children of their own now and are survivors of Michael’s attacks.

There are approximately another 40 characters in the movie who have no importance in the story other than to raise the kill count. The writers wanted to have a ton of kills, which they did, reaching a whopping 34. This definitely fits the name “Kills” in the title. The one thing you can count on with this series is that people will definitely be killed.

The writers made a poor attempt at adding comedy lines to the movie. I never laughed once at the jokes, instead I cringed intensely from such a poor attempt of amusing the audience.

The writers also made a poor attempt at trying to get the audience to feel emotions for the characters as they lost a loved one, but again it is hard when you can tell the actors/actresses are forcing out their tears and emotions.

Surprisingly there was something good about this movie and that is the gore. During this movie people were brutally murdered by bats, knives, picks, broken glass, and chainsaws. There was blood splattering everywhere and you could hear bones breaking and crackling. People were screaming for their lives as they were about to greet their demise.

There was a point in the movie that made me very happy and that is when they showed a glimpse of Michael Myers’ face when he was unmasked near the end of the film. I did have to squint but I did see his face.

The movie as a whole was poor and not thought out by the writers since we see the same thing happening movie after movie. There is definitely going to be another Llm following this one but do you dare to be bored with the same unstoppable Michael Myers.

In my opinion, I really hope that “Halloween Ends” brings an end to the franchise not only for the audience’s appeal but it’s been far overdue. For the future I’ll now rely on the great reviews that are found on Rotten Tomatoes.

Grade: D – What a great waste of time.



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