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Alexis Schlesinger laughing and holding a microphone.
Courtesy of Alexis Schlesinger

By Alexis Schlesinger

Editorial Staff

As my freshman year of college comes to a close, I notice everyone around me reflecting. I’ve found myself reflecting as well.

So much has happened this year, throwing me into immense change.

I can proudly say I am partly to blame for this change. 

When I started out at FSU, change scared me. Leaving behind the town I had lived in my entire life, I had plans to continue the same things I had grown up doing. I had chosen my major in early childhood education, and was planning on joining the track team. 

I was curious about some of the clubs here, but not overly intent on joining them.

Now I couldn’t imagine my life without them, or without the people I’ve met through them.

I joined the newspaper, the activities board, the radio station, and the drama club.

I’ll be going into my sophomore year on The Gatepost as Photo & Design Editor, publicity chair for the activities board, Vice President of WDJM, and a producer for the fall play.

I never could’ve seen myself in these positions a year ago.

I performed on stage alone for the first time ever, twice. Another thing I never thought I would have the bravery to commit to. 

I plan on leaving my major. Throughout the year, I’ve discovered that my passion lies in the arts, which I never would have discovered if I hadn’t taken a chance on change. 

Not to say I wasn’t always interested in these new things I tried, because I did always have some attachment to them. 

I never allowed these other passions - photography, design, music, performance, theater - to take the front seat because I was afraid of change. 

I was so used to growing up as an athlete, which took up so much of my time, I never really gave myself the chance to branch out. On top of that, there was a lot of pressure to excel in the sports I played, so I just made it my “thing.” 

I feel more fulfilled with what I’m doing now. 

I’m not the only person who played a part in my change. I don’t think I could’ve accomplished nearly everything I’ve done this year without the people I have by my side. 

They have taught me so much about myself, where I belong, and what I deserve.

I thank everyone on The Gatepost for supporting me through one of the hardest semesters of my life.

I thank Izayah, for welcoming me into the OP/ED section, and for his constant displays of respect to everyone around him.

I thank Kyle, for encouraging me to do big things with the radio station, and giving me a shoulder to lean on.

I thank Emily, for being someone who truly understands the inner workings of my heart.

I thank Leah, for showing me what perseverance looks like, and insisting I can show it too.

I thank Alex, for being one of the wisest people I have met in my life, and giving me incredible advice I think about frequently.

I thank Owen, for helping me get a job on campus, and being an all around standup guy.

I thank Bella, for every minute of her time she gave me, and every kind word. 

I thank my girlfriend, Amy, for proving to me that love is easy to give and to receive.

I thank my best friend, Dylan, for everything you taught me about myself, about you, about life.

Finally, I thank myself. For allowing change. For taking a chance on me. 


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