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In Memory of Darius Theriault

photo courtesy of Facebook

By Julia Sarcinelli

FSU senior Darius Theriault, 27, died in a motorcycle accident on Rte. 9 on Saturday, July 4.

Theriault was set to graduate with a Liberal Studies degree in December, according to an email from President F. Javier Cevallos.

Theriault’s girlfriend and passenger, Victoria Tucker, 22, died at the scene.

Darius was described as “one of the most loyal and generous young men I have met,” by his friend, Ari Larson.

Larson said he and Darius started a motorcycle club to give back to veterans in Massachusetts due to Darius’ dream for most of his life to join the military. In his obituary, Darius’ family requested that contributions be made to the Wounded Warrior Project in his memory.

“If anyone came to him with a problem, he was always there with a helping hand, whether it be lending an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, advice to help you through, or aiding in some other way,” said Larson.

He recalled how Darius had a big heart and would give food, water or money to any homeless person he met, and would always talk to them.

“He was always giving back,” said Larson. “He was the kind of guy that made you see the Saws of the world around you and empathize with those who are hurting due to his selfless actions. He will always remain close to my heart, and I hope others who were touched by him can continue walking strong in his memory.”

Psychology Professor Karen Villani, who taught Darius in her Principles of Behavior Modification class, remembered him as “a bright student who was extremely passionate about his love for paintball competitions.”

Villani said Darius stood out in her class. “It was his passion, his drive, and his genuine love for this hobby he was engaged in – not to mention the smile that stood out when he spoke of this. That I remember most.

Villani said students in the class had to participate in a self-directed behavior change, and for his, Darius tried to quit smoking. “The sincerity and passion in which he spoke of this was something that had struck me as being very personal and important to him,” she said.

“The tragedy of losing someone so young is a hard concept to understand.”

He is survived by his father and mother, Richard and Vita Theriault, his brother, Raminta “Minty” Theriault, and aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.



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