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‘Infinite Dream’ - a brilliant musical masterpiece

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By Mark Haskell

Staff Writer

Andrew Bazzi, mononymously known as Bazzi, is an American singer, song-writer, and recently, a producer.

Born to an immigrant Lebanese father and an American mother in Dearborn, Michigan, he is a self-made singer who was successful with his musical releases on Vine and other social media platforms.

Bazzi has now released his second studio album, “Infinite Dream.” The album was put together during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic up in Topanga, a town north of Los Angeles. The album was scripted as an answer to his previous sentimental piece, 2019’s “Soul Searching.” “Infinite Dream” was officially released on Sept. 16.

His music typically falls under the categories of dance/electronic music, but his newest studio album falls under pop and R&B with a hint of indie/alternative.

Bazzi’s first studio album, “Cosmic,” released in 2018, is where his most popular song “Mine” is. His first album has been categorized as pop and R&B. His second album, and first mixtape, titled “Soul Searching,” was made in 2019 and it has another of my favorite songs by him, called “Paradise.”

His latest album is another example of his classic combinations of pop and R&B that works so well for him and showcases his musical strengths.

He has acquired name recognition from a previous song and has become more mature and familiar once again. The previous song was called “Beautiful,” released in 2018. Bazzi was a co-writer with Camilla Cabello. The song brought Bazzi international recognition and popularity.

The lyrics in his music describe Bazzi’s contradictory heart - that being of an infatuated person and a pragmatic individual who wrestles with ambiguities relating to love, letting go, and the unknown.

Bazzi uses a combination of pop and R&B in a very subtle way with honest lyrics and polished hooks in a practical approach. The album has a variety of songs that are filled with his iconic uncertainties.

Of the 19 songs in this album, my favorite is “Heaven.” The lyrics are catchy and kept me energized throughout the duration of the song. The beat of the song is ethereal and feels energetic, something I prefer in music. I admired the unique approach to the delivery of the lyrics and the emotion in the song.

Another aspect I like about “Heaven” is the message and what it represents - a kind of common mentality when it comes to sustaining an addiction.

Another message is that despite the misgivings and criticisms of being unprofessional and high, Bazzi and the person the song is addressed to are keeping it real, being happy, and having fun. Bazzi understands that he and this person should slow down their addiction. However, they’re experiencing such a fun thrill living in the fast lane that maintaining self control is a bygone practice.

My least favorite song on the album, though still very good, is “Only Fan (Ft. Cordae).” The only reason why I do not like the song is the title, but the lyrics are good and so is the beat and pace of the song.

I found the album to be very addicting in the sense that I would listen to the songs on repeat every hour of the day. I love the lyrics that Bazzi puts together and the themes of this album hit hard personally.

I love this album because it balances spunk with nostalgia in a characteristic and intriguing way.

Rating: A

One of the most energetic pieces of the season



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