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Just do something

Raffi Elkhoury

Guest Columnist

Do you want to pursue a passion? Do you want to feel connected? You should get involved with student organizations.

In the vibrant tapestry of college life, finding your niche can be a transformative experience.

Clubs, and student organizations, are a space for people who may not have fallen into a group of friends in college. They are a space for people who want to collaborate and share similar goals, aspects of identity, motivations, or hobbies.

Every night on campus different communities come together. They are conduits for channeling our passions and through them, we can make meaningful connections that extend beyond our college years. 

The student organizations on a college campus represent the many pockets of students that meet and connect on a regular basis.

We are diverse. 

The different backgrounds, ambitions, beliefs, and hobbies of our student body are reflected in our clubs, a collage of almost 50 student organizations, each of which has a specific mission that reflects something we as a student body value. Each is a glittering gemstone in the mosaic.

It is vital to have access to spaces where authenticity is celebrated and understanding flourishes. 

Student organizations provide a haven where we can be ourselves, where conversation begins, and where we can challenge our understanding of the world. 

These spaces lie at the intersection of individual interests and collective goals.

So why not make the most of this journey?

Join a club, attend events, and if you find something is missing, consider creating a club of your own. 

It is easier than you think! 

With each passing year, new clubs break ground creating entire new communities that add to the tapestry of campus life.

Student organizations aren’t just social circles - they are platforms for change, for finding your voice. They are outlets for exploration, where you can shed a spotlight on the values that matter to you. 

The potential within these organizations is as boundless as your own potential. 

Seize the opportunity and let the canvas of student life reflect the brilliance of your unique contribution. 

Catch the Outing Club for rock climbing each week. Or maybe Cosplay Club is more your style. Join Student Government and become an advocate. Whatever you do here, just do something.


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