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Kaitlyn’s Kosmetics: Over the Moon for oVertone

By Kaitlyn Cullen

Staff Writer

I’ve seen so many ads for this brand and, honestly, I don’t hate them.

I hate their products even less!

The goal of oVertone is to deposit color in hair not only without damaging it, but while reviving it as well.

Their two color-depositing products are the Coloring Conditioners and Daily Conditioners.

The Coloring Conditioner is exactly as its name advertises – a hydrating color-depositing conditioner, perfect for initial hair “dying.” It only takes 10-to-15 minutes to fully deposit color, significantly less than traditional hair dyes. For brighter color, apply to dry hair.

The Daily Conditioner is a slightly weaker version of the Coloring Conditioner. It’s perfect for daily use to maintain color and hydration. This product should be left in clean, wet hair for three-to-five minutes for optimal use. Most conditioners suggest a leave-in time of one-to-three minutes for optimal softness, but the extra time is needed for proper color renewal.

The third product I want to highlight is The Remedy.

This is a zero-color product which gives intense hydration to your hair – much like a hair mask. You leave it on for 10-to-15 minutes in wet hair and your hair is left feeling like it’s mermaid-quality.

So, the big question – does it work?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

I used the Basics Ginger Complete System in lieu of constantly dying my hair. If you know hair, you know red is the hardest hue to keep. The fact this product not only has the Coloring Conditioner AND Daily Conditioner, it also comes with a mini travel bottle of the Daily Conditioner!

Bonus – with my online purchase, I got a free sample of The Remedy.

The advertisements for oVertone always say, “Scared of stains? Use gloves!”

This is imperative information for the WHOLE process.

Every order comes with a pair of disposable dying gloves, but make sure you keep them around for the rinsing process. You might also want your own reusable pair when using the Daily Conditioner for every other day touchups.

I had people asking me if I had jaundice or if I was molding pottery due to the residue that stained my hands when I rinsed my hair gloveless – lesson learned.

I am more than happy with these products. The Coloring Conditioner brightened my hair enough that the Daily Conditioner is only needed every so often, so I can use my (second) favorite conditioner whenever I want to. The Remedy felt clean, light, and hydrating.

My rainbow hair days are on pause for now, but from what I’ve seen from their brighter samples, they work just as well. Of course, all hair coloring products work best on lightened hair, but oVertone’s For Brown Hair line really shows that this company is all about catering to an audience that wants the look without the damage.

I wholeheartedly give this product an A.


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