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Letter from the Editor

Ashley Wall

Editor In Chief

Through this time of uncertainty, it is imperative that The Gatepost continues to provide our community with the ability to remain up-to-date and aware of changes occuring on our campus.

Furthermore, we want to provide a platform for our readers to escape the disarray in our world, and instead focus on finding small moments of contentment and peace through our articles.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has shaken the ground beneath us, causing students to be uprooted from our home away from home.

However, there are new opportunities for those feeling left behind to reconnect with their FSU community while remaining safe through social distancing.

The thought of ceasing production of The Gatepost for the remainder of the semester was never an option.

We are here to inform the community. We are here to report on campus news. We continue to operate in order to provide a sense of normalcy through this abnormal time.

The Gatepost will continue publishing as we have for the past 88 years.

To my staff: your dedication and hard work is unmatched. Without you, publishing online would not be possible. Your talent and ability to write under immense pressure as well as your ability to keep your articles informative and features witty is something I applaud you for.

To our advisors, Desmond McCarthy and Elizabeth Banks: I thank you for being supportive role models as I navigate the unfamiliar territory of online-only publication. Your wise words and guidance are appreciated. Thank you for always jumping right in to help The Gatepost succeed.

To our administration: thank you for your support through this transition. As a reporter, I =nd it critical to have a respectful relationship with my administrators, and that is what I have found since becoming Editor-in-Chief. Your quick replies to emails, in-depth updates for our community, and willingness to help in any way possible, are just a few reasons why The Gatepost is able to succeed remotely.

To my fellow community members: thank you for supporting The Gatepost as we make this transition.

We would not be able to have such a platform if it weren’t for our readers. Thank you for sharing our articles, for spreading the word, and for being loyal supporters.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell during this crisis, and our Gatepost team is ensuring that every voice is heard. Our articles can be found on our website as well as our social media platforms.

As always, we will continue to publish online articles every Friday. We will post our articles and important information through our social media, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that The Gatepost continues to publish and serve the community.

We have, and always will be, in this together.

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