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Letter to the Editor: Tips for decorating your dorm room

Moving into your new college dorm is truly a privilege. For those living at Framingham State, having one’s own space gives them a sense of independence. Even if they do not live in a single room, being able to live on campus with another person can be an exciting experience. 

Aside from the excitement from moving into a new dorm, another kind of excitement arises - you now have a room which you can decorate anyway you would like. Understandably, some dorms in Framingham State don’t have a good initial feel to them because they feel lifeless and plain-looking. 

Some dorms with their white shiny brick walls make you feel like you are confined in a prison cell. On the bright side, there are numerous ways that you can turn your dorm into a nice, lively, and well-decorated space.

Some good ideas include hanging up some of your favorite posters on the wall, bringing in a little bit of greenery, and hanging up string lights or neon light strips on your wall. Other good ways to decorate your dorm room include lining your bed with plenty of pillows and plushies or hanging suncatchers in your window. 

All of these ideas are great ways to decorate your dorm because they breathe a lot of atmosphere into your room. However, there are some important tips you need to know before decorating your dorm room.

First and foremost, never bring any kind of decorations that you suspect will be questioned by RAs in the residence halls. This is especially important since RAs conduct room inspections throughout the break periods and can identify objects that are not allowed in any residence halls. 

While the list is long, notable examples of unallowed decor include lava lamps, oil lamps, candles, incense, and other forms of decor that are flammable or can become a health/safety risk. 

Always be sure to read the packing list and residence hall agreements provided by Framingham State to understand what is not allowed in residence halls. 

Secondly, overdecorating your walls is not necessarily a good thing, as it may become overwhelming to look at, take a long time to set up, or become a hassle to undecorate at move-out day. 

Next, sticking with a good color scheme will make your room appear to be chromatically satisfying because of the good balance between colors, shades, and tints. Decorations that follow a specific color scheme can make the environment feel more balanced.

As room selection period is coming to a close, it is important to plan out how you may decorate your room for next year. For returning resident students who may have seen and picked a room already, this is especially important as their choice of room determines the amount of decorating that they can do. 

In short, making sure your room is decorated in a specific manner can make you feel more welcomed and relaxed on campus, as well as being invited to an inspiring environment where you can study and sleep without problems.

Stephen Johnson

Class of 2027


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