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Life is a highway

By Izayah Morgan

Opinions Editor

Life hits you fast, like a speeding bullet. One day you're at the top of the world, the next you think it's the end of the world. It is almost impossible to be fully whole - as a man, woman, child, teen.

Sometimes thoughts race through my mind, what's my purpose? Will I find love? How do I navigate the world around me, what's my role as a young man?

Finding the answer to these questions can be difficult. As a young Black man navigating the world, it makes things challenging in their own way.

Often you'll ask yourself who can you confide in? Society tells us as men we shouldn't share our tears - that is more of a feminine trait. That in order to be successful you need to make a certain amount of money, follow a certain major, have this job - it's all too much.

So many of us are focused on the dollar bill. A green piece of paper with different faces on it, and when we get a certain number of green dollar bills then we'll finally reach it.

However what people don't understand is that feeling often never comes. Money can’t make you fulfilled by itself. It can’t give you more time. It can't even buy you a successful life.

Success looks different for everyone.

Everything we see in the media is often so negative, all these people dying, people being homeless, shootings, breakups.

Not to mention social media where you constantly think another person's life is going perfect. And when everything starts to go bad, this is when the environment around us forms our negative opinions of ourselves.

Even scrolling on things like Good News Network for just five minutes, will provide you so much positivity for the day.

After all, I'm only 19 and I may never find the answer myself, but I offer you my perspective.

Try to remember that your perspective is only what you've experienced - there's a whole world out there for you.

Specifically to young people out there - never think that this is the end.

You have so much more to give.

It’s never too late to grow.

No matter your own self image, I can guarantee you that people need you, look up to you, and value you.

Finding your purpose is easier said than done. A lot of people spend their entire lives trying to find what fulfills them and forget the present moment.

So sit back and enjoy it for what it is. It's easy to forget that when you are in a tough position mentally, physically, or emotionally, that eventually you'll be out of it. Moments like that pass and you’ll look back and laugh.

I remember thinking my problems at 15 were world ending, then 17, and now I think my problems now are the biggest challenges I'll face.

Take a step back and realize you have time. Time is something that you never get back, so cherish it in the moment.

Hard times don’t last, only the great person it creates!


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