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Linda Vaden-Goad chosen as finalist for Westfield State presidency


By Alexandra Gomes

Westfield State University announced on Facebook this week that Linda Vaden-Goad, provost and vice president of academic Affairs, is a finalist to serve as the school’s 20th president.

A president will be selected by the University’s Board of Trustees the week of Oct. 19.

Vaden-Goad will be visiting the campus to speak at open forums and meetings Oct. 5-6, according to Westfield State.

Vaden-Goad, who has been vice president of academic affairs for five years, said in an email she is “very excited” about the opportunity. “I love public higher education, and I am honored to have been selected as a finalist at Westfield State University.”

Executive Vice President Dale Hamel said in an email that he wishes Vaden-Goad the best. “Westfield would certainly benefit (at our loss) from her professionalism and her passion for creating the best teaching and learning environment possible for the benefit of faculty and students.”

Scott Greenberg, associate vice president and dean of Continuing Education, said in an email he believes Vaden-Goad is an “outstanding” candidate for Westfield State’s presidency. He added that “her strong leadership and collaborative skills, innovative thinking, and deep commitment to public higher education in the Commonwealth are characteristics of a great university president.”

Greenberg said, “She has done so much to enhance the student experience, from expanding

opportunities for student internships and international study to the development of new

undergraduate and graduate programs.”

President F. Javier Cevallos said in an email that Vaden-Goad “has been a very successful Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.” He added that her work has made Framingham State a “better place” and “enhanced our academic quality. As she continues to progress in her career, it is not surprising that she has emerged as a candidate for

the Presidency of Westfield. Although it would be a significant loss for us, she would bring her expertise and experience to Westfield and will always continue to be part of our Framily.”


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