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Molly’s Modern Fashion: Internet Fashion

By By Molly Dubrowski

Now we see fashion move faster than ever, from extravagant looks at fashion week to the constant rotating of Zara’s merchandise. And technology has kept up with the ever-growing fashion industry.

There is a term in the industry called “fast fashion.” It refers to the quicker pace that clothes are turned over in a store. Back in the old days, before computers and the internet, department stores changed their layouts four times a year. There was the winter, spring, summer and fall fashions. With technology, the speed of fashion has increased to an amazing pace.

Take, for example, a store like H&M. Their store layout and clothes change weekly. New styles and items are displayed every week. This keeps the store more current with “fast fashion” in hopes that customers will return again and again to see what’s new.

We use our phones everywhere we go for much more than making phone calls to home. This has changed the fashion industry. Consumers now have access to the latest trends instantaneously. A style can go from the runway to your closet the next day. It is no longer just celebrities and actresses who have access to runway styles. You can look up the latest trends while sitting in class or while watching the latest Victoria Secret model strut her strut down the runway.

Your iPhone has also become your store. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home or desk to do your shopping. Order an outfit and it comes right to your door.

Not crazy about it? Just return it.

Most companies offer free shipping and returns. Being a fashion major, there are a few sites that I find especially fashion forward. Popsugar, Pinterest and Vogue have great fashion styles to help you mix and match. Macy’s, Zara and Amazon have great online shopping experiences and constantly change their selection.

With internet access everywhere, you are able to go live on Facebook so all your friends can see what you are wearing. For the typical college student, Snapchat has become a window into the fashion of celebrities. Now, celebrities are on Snapchat, showing what they are wearing while hiking in the mountains or just hanging by the pool with the husband. With the help of technology, tomorrow we can be wearing the same clothes that Jessica Biel is wearing today.

From the old days of flipping pages through a catalog looking for spring clothes to watching fashion shows live on your iPhone, technology has improved and changed how we shop today. With the fast pace of life, technology helps keep the college student up-to-date on the latest trends to keep her looking her best.


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