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‘Murder Mystery 2’ - It will keep your attention hostage

By Leighah Beausoleil


Netflix released the sequel to “Murder Mystery” March 31, once again starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as Nick and Audrey Spitz.

This time, the Spitzes are headed to the wedding of Vikram "The Maharajah" Govindan (Adeel Akhtar) and Claudette Joubert (Mélanie Laurent). The wedding takes place on the Maharajah’s private island.

Since the last mystery, Nick and Audrey have started their own private investigation company that is not going well, putting a strain on their relationship.

Audrey has been trying to convince Nick to complete the detective certification course with her, which involves reading a textbook by the same man who wrote the certification exam. Nick argues he does not need to complete this course because he was a cop, although he never passed the detective exam.

In need of a break, the Spitzes accepted the Maharajah’s invitation.

Arriving on the island, it is clear how wealthy the Maharajah and his family are because of the personalized gifts in their room, a removable ceiling, a closet full of clothes, and an abundance of exotic animals roaming the island.

But don’t worry about where you step - the animals have diapers.

The absurdity of much of this movie’s content and plot is absolutely entertaining, making it a great movie to watch for a good laugh.

Despite the fun and relaxing time the Spitzes share on this island, the plot takes a turn when the Maharajah’s wedding entrance atop an elephant ends with a dead body guard and the kidnapping of the Maharajah himself.

Taking him away on a motorboat, a henchman shoots at Nick, who ran after them. However, the gunman misses.

This now being a hostage situation, Former MI6 Hostage Negotiator Connor Miller (Mark Strong), who is the author of the Spitzes’ textbook, and his team get involved.

The events throughout the movie are ridiculous and the comedic delivery of many of the lines is iconic.

The kidnappers lead the couple, along with the other suspects, to Paris.

From accidentally drugging themselves to being framed for the kidnapping, the Spitzes find themselves in tricky situations, including when they are face-to-face with the kidnapper and Audrey dangles from the Eiffel Tower.

This movie has comedy, action, and even romance as Nick and Audrey work together to survive yet another murder mystery.

It was great seeing some of the first movie’s quirky characters return for this next mission, such as Inspector Laurent de la Croix (Dany Boon), who only cared about hitting his vape after being shot.

In this movie, you never know what to expect next.


The enjoyability of this movie is the real mystery


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