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O’Connell’s pub closes

By Alexandra Gomes

O’Connell’s pub, a favorite among FSU students, closed its doors forever on Saturday, March 25.

The restaurant announced suddenly it was closing on its Facebook page, stating, “It is with heavy hearts that we announce we are closing the doors March 25, 2017.”

FSU students have often congregated at the pub on Thursday nights throughout the school year, and the restaurant even rented a limo to shuttle students back and forth from campus.

On Thursday, March 23, the pub hosted its last “college night,” and the restaurant was packed with FSU students.

Brianna Williams, a junior, said it was “sad” the restaurant was closing.

Senior Jessica Feirs agreed. “It’s so sad. It’s nice because there’s transportation and there’s dancing, and it’s also relaxed. It’s sad they’re closing. The people here are so nice.”

Senior Andrew Preshong said O’Connell’s was the “only option” for FSU students.

“That’s why I come,” he said.

Dan Flahive, a senior, said, “It’s disappointing because it’s the only place most kids can have fun on the weekend.”

Senior Megan Muise said, “I loved O’Connell’s – probably the only person that did. I’ll miss it.”

Some students were not as saddened by the restaurant’s closing.

Junior Chloe Lima, who just turned 21, said, “I’ve only been here twice. It doesn’t really bother me that much.”

Senior Sharinna Mendez, who recently turned 21, said, “It was fun going there as a college student, since I could meet other students from campus that I never got the chance to talk to.”

Lawrence Lamiscre, a senior, said, “I don’t go out that often. I heard it’s the last night, so figured I’d check it out.”

On Facebook, the restaurant posted, “We cannot thank you enough for your continued patronage over the years. We started the business with only our family, and as the years continued,

The owners declined to comment.

[Editor’s note: Associate Editor Julia Sarcinelli contributed to this article.]



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