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Officers and senators appointed at final SGA meeting 

Evelyn Campbell being sworn in by two staff members at SGA.
Maddison Behringer / THE GATEPOST

By Adam Harrison

News Editor 

The SGA approved $1,100 for the African Student Association (ASA) and swore in next year's eBoard members and senators at their final meeting on April 23. 

Vice President Raffi Elkhoury said they received a funding request from the ASA for over $1,000 and needed to review it. 

The funding request consisted of $300 to hire a DJ for two hours, $250 for catering from Destiny Market, and $550 for a Stop & Shop order for food prep.

“There’s going to be an additional DJ for more time, but that’s being funded by a different club and that’s not part of the funding request,” he said. 

Senator Raena Doty asked, “I assume this has already been discussed, but were funding requests not already required to be put in by this time of the year?”

Elkhoury said the ASA had put the request in beforehand and he saw it last week, and this was the first meeting when they could discuss it. 

Doty moved to approve the funding request for $1,100, and the motion passed unanimously. 

Elkhoury said, “We have one single constitution change today. This will be our last constitutional bylaw change for the semester.” 

Article V states, “The Senate shall include no more than 30 senators at large,” and they added a subpoint that states, “Senate positions will be up to the discretion of the newly elected executive board,” Elkhoury said. 

“This is because as we were talking about making different specified Senate rules. Because we weren’t able to finalize that, we want to leave that open so that if the new eBoard decides they want to act on that, they don’t have to wait a whole year to make constitution changes,” he said. 

The motion to add the subpoint passed unanimously.

President Evelyn Campbell expressed her appreciation for the hard work all of the senators have completed during the year, and reviewed upcoming events. 

“I just wanted to say thank you all for the hard work. I definitely appreciated everyone - doing what you had to do to be part of SGA.

“We were able to see changes on campus this year, which was nice to be able to actually see,” she said. 

Student Trustee Ryan Mikelis discussed his attendance at the academic affairs enrollment subcommittee and his appreciation for the effort senators have put in. 

He said he will also be attending the student experience committee to discuss career development and preparation, and internships, as well as the final Board of Trustees meeting on May 8. 

“It’s been a long ride, guys. … I just want to say thank you for everything. Just going off of what Evelyn said - we put in a lot of hard work this year. It shows that campus is a better place because of it. So good job, and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next year,” Mikelis said. 

Elkhoury said this was his last officer’s report. 

“I just want to say thank you, everybody. We’ve done so many things. We have had so many obstacles, so many challenges that we’ve had to overcome together, and I’m grateful to have been able to do this with all of you. Thank you so much,” he said. 

Secretary Anna Risotti said “It was a pleasure working with all of you.”

Treasurer Aimée Takouda said it was a pleasure.

“I love you guys and good luck,” she said. 

Outreach and Events Coordinator Liv West spoke about upcoming events, and said, “Thank you guys for all of your help.”

During senator reports, Senator Iz Shields said the CIE brought seven students, including themself and members from M.I.S.S. and the ASA, to the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (NSLDC).

“It was for student leaders bringing different diversity inclusive efforts into campus events,” they said.

They attended several workshops along with students from other schools such as Ohio State and the University of the British Virgin Islands.

“Meeting other students is what I took the most out of it. They’re having similar struggles as us. We’re not the only people … having this issue of getting people to participate,” Shields said.

They said they listened to leaders and peers with lots of experience “about how we can have better discussions about inclusivity on campus, but also bring that to different events.”

Doty said the survey for the General Education Advisory Board was still online, and reminded those in attendance that they should take it. 

“Advancement is still being made on revising the general education model,” she said.

Senator César Matos said there were a few changes made on the Academic Policies Committee.

“There was a policy brought on board and it was approved. It was essentially changed when it came to internship hours,” he said. 

Matos said the changes will impact the amount of hours you have to report to receive credit for an internship.

“Right now, we have it so you’d have to complete 120 hours” at an internship to receive full course credit. In the future, students will be able to complete “30 hours and receive 0.25” of a course credit, he said. 

Speaking for Jeremy McDonald, the incoming student trustee, Campbell said, “He’s working and will continue to work on creating a transfer honors program. We are working right now to be seen at the state level, and to have them revise their Commonwealth Massachusetts Honors Program to accommodate students that transfer in their junior year.”

She said junior-year transfers may not have the time in four semesters to complete the course requirements and honors thesis that come with the Honors Program. 

“That will be something that we can work on over the summer. We have already emailed people to talk about that on the state level and here at Framingham. He’s in a bunch of meetings this week and next to try to accomplish this,” she said. 

SGA conducted the swearing-in ceremony at the end of the meeting. President Campbell recited the oath of office, and was reinstated as president. 

Matos was sworn in as vice president. 

McDonald will be sworn in as student trustee at the first SGA meeting of the next academic year. 

Takouda was reinstated as treasurer. 

West was reinstated as outreach and events coordinator.

Elkhoury and Shields were sworn in as senators.

Senator Tony Sims awarded the U-Rock to Mikelis. 

“Four years of SGA - this has been my favorite,” Elkhoury said. 



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