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An arm with a purple Apple Watch pouring water from a bucket into another leaking bucket.
Alexis Schlesinger / THE GATEPOST

By Alexis Schlesinger

Editorial Staff

We all live with urges. The urge to pursue a talent or a passion. The need to become “we” rather than “you and I.” The pull to travel to different ends of the earth. 

More. Fulfillment in otherness. In the addition to ourselves.

When faced with these urges, some of us wonder if it’s something calling out to us. Some believe in a fate of sorts. 

The will of the stars. 

Others wonder if it’s greed. Inherent human nature to “want” more. 

“I should work on myself.”

“You should focus on yourself.”

“I should learn to be content.”

“Now should you really be pursuing that when you’ve got so much going on?”

“You need to take some time to figure yourself out.”

“Why do you always look for more?”

“Be grateful.” 

It is inherent human nature. To want. To pursue. To yearn. To urge. 

We pour this feeling back into ourselves, shove it down, as we mistake it for greed. 

It is not wrong to want more. It isn’t wrong to want more when you haven’t gotten the entirety of yourself.  

Working on yourself, and contentedness with who you are, can coexist - the same way you wish to coexist with what you urge for. 

There is a caution to have when you are not whole. You have to recognize that gaining more outside yourself will not complete you. That must be done on your own. 

But it is enhancement. It is addition. It is gain. 

It is a lemon hanging off the rim of your glass of ice water. You can still have a perfectly good glass of water without the lemon, and it will hydrate you all the same. 

The lemon will add flavor. It will satisfy you. It will complement the refreshment of the ice cold water with its light citrus.  

You’ll ask for a lemon with your water, and the waiter will smile and say “of course.” The restaurant offers free refills on ice water - with lemon. There is an endless supply of it at no cost to you. 

When there is so much of it, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one glass if you’re still thirsty when you’re done.

Why, when there is so much out there, should we limit ourselves out of fear of being “greedy?”

Give in to your urges. Allow these urges to bring you to give to others. Give, and continue to give, and you will receive back.

Think of the way rivers flow into lakes, and back again into themselves. Rivers flow into waterfalls, down ravines, into the oceans. 

Water evaporates and becomes the rain. It is spread across the world. 

It travels. It gives to the earth. It causes growth. It keeps living beings alive. 

It separates into small individuals, then comes back together to create something larger. 

Something larger like the oceans and lakes that carry countless living things. Water allows it all to coexist.

It gives and gives until it receives back. It receives back gratitude and knowledge that it has created something much larger than itself. 

Like the rain, you will come to find you can no longer be contained. You will have poured too much into a bucket too small. The consequence of pouring only into your own bucket.

Pursue your urges. Whether your heart tells you to travel, to pursue a new career. Whether it wants you to treat yourself after a long week, or begs you to ask that girl out. 

It is not greed.

Don’t be afraid to love loudly, and with purpose. 

The cycle will continue.

Allow yourself to overflow. 


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