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Preschoolers share their artwork in the Forum

By Mark Wadland

Art created by children from the Child Development Lab was on display in the McCarthy Center Forum on Wednesday, March 5. Numerous pieces of art, including butterfly sculptures, penguins and even a skeleton made of macaroni, were on display around the room.

The children, 3-5 years old, used common items such as Q-tips, construction paper and paint to create intriguing works of art. Two children created pieces titled “Framed Masterpiece,” which were inspired by a book the class had read, according to Valerie Hytholt, who teaches the children in the preschool’s morning session.

In reference to working with the children, Joni Theodoss, who teaches them in the afternoon session, said, “I like their energy and enthusiasm – whatever you do, they love it. It’s their first exposure to school.”

The children made butterflies with the help of Professor Keri Straka.

They also made owls using cardboard on paper bags, googly eyes, plastic leaves and felt materials. One child, Aiden Ludo, said his favorite part of his owl is “the leaves.”

Hytholt said, “We selected the art since they started in September. The process of how they create the artwork is really important.”

She said the children were given basic materials to work with, and created very nice works of art, such as one piece, crafted by Chase DiBenedetto, titled, “Snowman Collage.” This was made out of paper, buttons, a Q-tip, cotton balls and cut-out shapes.

Another piece, created by Jacob McKaughan, was titled “Our Friends’ Station Wagon.” McKaughan used just four colors – blue, green, yellow and orange – to paint it.

Hytholt and Theodoss said it’s important for the children to be creative. They said children can take simple objects and make art out of them.

Perhaps one reason the children are able to do this is because they have no fear – they just create anything that comes to mind. One child made a picture of his family out of small pieces of paper. Some made what was most important to them or what they liked – one child made a picture of R2-D2.

Another child, Grayson Barnette, said, “He has leaves for his arms,” referring to his owl. “And my daddy can’t touch it,” he joked. His favorite of his several displayed pieces, is his butterfly.

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