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‘Pup pup boogie’ your way to the theaters

By Liv Dunleavy

Staff Writer

We find ourselves again in Adventure City in the new film “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie,” following the 2021 theatrical release of the first “Paw Patrol” movie.

Back again are our always helpful, crime fighting pups, Ryder, and now Liberty! It was super exciting to be introduced to a few new characters. With fresh faces comes exciting new personalities, and I was delighted to meet new characters that gave the film an opportunity for more creative and abnormal scenes with more emotion and depth.

The movie is centered around a mysterious meteor that brings an eerie, but desired power to Adventure City. With this newfound power, the pups gain superpowers that allow them to help the public in ways never imagined before. Though the rock did not just show up in Adventure City by choice, a nefarious scientist has a plan in the works. And it’s definitely not one of good faith.

The team gets some awesome new outfits, and a whole set of sick new rides. It poses the question where do they really get all this money for this tech? For some reason “officially licensed merchandise,” isn’t cutting it for me.

One thing that really captured my heart is the sequel’s choice to add a new trio of characters - the Junior Patrollers, Mini, Nano, and Tot. These tiny furballs are so captivating and cute, though they don’t have a significant impact on the movie as a whole.

I was also extremely intrigued by the trailer with the introduction of the new villain character, Victoria Vance, a fun and freaky new antagonist never before seen in the show or movies. She brings drama and intensity to the film in a way that I feel “Paw Patrol” doesn’t normally channel. I hope that myself and other “Paw Patrol” enjoyers can see her in future projects as well. Victoria Vance in my opinion was needed for this movie, as the last movie really exhausted the only villain in the “Paw Patrol” universe.

My favorite aspect of “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie,” by far, is the clear dedication they put into this film after the first movie was released. I feel like they added so much depth and plot that was missing in the first movie.

The blank space in that film was more or less filled with comedic relief, where in this film there seemed to be more effort put into creating a deep and winding story arc that is filled with voluminous and well planned backstory, something that captures the viewers attention and holds it, rather than throwing in lots of shallow or easy jokes to fill time.

I found that just a bit more time spent on filling that void with true plot was actually more engaging, especially for the adults in the audience. Where in the first film, the adult catering came in the form of innuendos and mature-ish quips, the second film utilizes actual tense and thought-provoking moments that left older audiences at the edge of their seats, wondering what might happen next.

It’s interesting to me how Skye’s story arc is covered in a similar way to Chase’s in the first movie, where she sees herself as a small, weak link in the team, and I find it to be a bit repetitive. I believe they really upped their game in the telling of her story and resolution, though it all seems pretty repetitive. I can only hope if there are future “Paw Patrol” theatrical releases that the next pup’s dilemma is more individual and specific to them.

Overall I found “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie” to be absolutely delightful, and I left the theater glowing. The soundtrack once again hit the nail right on the head, and left me dancing and singing all the way through the parking lot. I really only have praise for this movie, and I just have to give it an A rating, for its “pawfection” as a sequel and just being a heartwarming film for children and adults alike.

Rating: A

“Paw Patrol,” but with more, and a little bit extra!


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