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Rams Volleyball swept by Wheaton and Wentworth

A photo of Rams Volleyball during a tri-match with Wheaton and Wentworth.
Danielle Achin / THE GATEPOST

By Danielle Achin, Tyler Wahl

In a tri-match volleyball competition, the Rams fell to Wheaton in a 3-0 blowout, followed by a defeat against Wentworth, 3-1 in the day’s other match.

The first game started off with Framingham State against Wheaton college. The Lyons led the opening match taking the 11-3 lead against the Rams.

While Wheaton was quick with their hands, driving hard spikes over the net against the opposing team, the Rams fought hard to defend the ball throwing themselves to the Noor to save the point but fell unsuccessful.

The Lyons took the set 25-13 with nine kills from Emily Hickey, while Adara Hamilton added eight.

With a hype up chant started by Head Coach Richard Casali, the team went into the second set with a whole different demeanor.

The Rams took the lead taking advantage of Wheaton’s mistakes motivating the women to push harder with their defense.

But the Lyons battled back tying the frame 6-6, and this fire did not last long and the Rams began trailing behind 21-17 until ultimately losing the set 25-21.

Wheaton opened a 9-4 lead in the third. The Rams attempted to close the gap led on the attack in the match by six kills and seven digs from sophomore Brandee Thomas.

Despite the women’s energy diminishing, they still remained dynamic covering the floor, paced on the attack.

The Rams came back for one final push trailing behind 23-13 before the Lyons secured the third and final set of the game and first victory of the day 25-13.

Despite losing in a 3-0 blowout against Wheaton, the women kept a positive attitude following the devastating defeat.

“I think that it wasn’t our best game but it’s definitely one we’re going to learn from,” freshman Molly Rezendes said. “We play again today, so we’re hopefully going to take everything we learned and apply it into the next game.”

She added the women do well in practice and now it’s just about bringing it into the game.

“The motivation comes from winning together as a team. It doesn’t matter if you play or don’t. We just all want to win together,” Rezendes said

While the Rams took a break in between their next match while the rest of the MASCAC tournament continued, the Lyons recorded their second straight set victory of the day defeating the Leopards by scores of 25-16, 25-23 and 25-19.

The team came out with a great sense of enthusiasm in the second match against Wentworth. The Rams started the first set o8 leading 8-5.

The teams both went back and forth for the majority of the first set, with the Rams eventually falling to the Leopards 25-19 to start the match off.

At the start of the second set, the Leopards defensive capabilities were put on display. Despite Wentworth’s tough defensive effort, the Rams were still fighting hard offensively.

The lack of aggression shown in the first match of the day and the first set of this game seemed to get washed away, as the Rams didn’t let Wentworth run away with a lead.

The game was tied 3-3 at the beginning of this set, and it was apparent that the Rams were beginning to match the energy of the opposing team.

The tension between both sides continued to rise as the teams fought hard for their points.

The Rams eventually found themselves trailing 16-14 later in the second set. They consistently kept a point or two behind the Leopards, showing a great sense of effort on offense and defense.

The Rams gained the advantage at 19-17, keeping their foot on the gas to take the second set in a commanding 25-19 fashion.

At the beginning of set three, fatigue started to become an apparent factor for both teams. The spikes became harder to defend and the team plays seemed harder to perform correctly.

The Rams once again found themselves trailing in the third set, with the Leopards taking a 7-3 lead.

Wentworth’s spikes were well placed, with the Rams failing to keep up.

Despite a great effort from the Rams, Wentworth took the third set 25-13 due to their stellar offensive performance.

With the set count at 2-1 in favor of the Leopards, the Rams looked to bounce back in the fourth set.

The Rams had a plentiful amount of impressive team plays, digs, and spikes through the duration of the set.

Despite their improved o8ense, it was still not a strong enough counter-attack to stop Wentworth. The Wentworth Leopards took the fourth and final set 25-19, making the final box score 3-1.

“We really have to work on our defense, defense wins games. Working together, talking, playing as a team, I think is the biggest thing,” said 14-year Assistant Coach Chelle Manganello.

Although the box score of both games didn’t end up favorable for the Rams, the team knows what it needs to work on to succeed in upcoming matchups.

“We played as a whole, and on an individual level we kept our heads up. Although we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, we always push each other and always hold each other accountable,” said freshman Valerie Sullivan.

Sullivan’s energetic performance kept the Rams in the game, and the team looks to ride that energy into practice and upcoming games.

The Volleyball team looks to bounce back as they head to Smith College to take on the Pioneers at 12 p.m. Oct. 9.


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