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Senior Letters 2024

For a girl originally planning to study in New York City, Framingham has been a world. I found a lot of love. Made hundreds of epitomes about Constitutional Law at 2 a.m. But ultimately, if anything, I think I’ll always remember it as the place I was when “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” was released (I’m totally kidding)(But am I?). 

I want to start by thanking my dad. I wouldn’t be here without him or his unwavering support. 

Howard Rosenberg ’86 - I couldn’t be more proud to be his daughter and his legacy. 

To Dr. Smailes: Seeing as you’re retiring, I can’t give up one last chance to publicly emphasize the outstanding professor you are. FSU will not be the same without you! 

To Dr. Espino: I am incredibly thankful for judicial policy. Thank you for always challenging me to be my greatest. 

To Desmond and Liz: You have both fostered in me a genuine love and respect for journalism that will never fade. In every aspect of my life, I will carry the skills you taught me. 

To Leighah Beausoleil ’23: You continuously inspire me and current Gateposters with your excellence and creativity. I’m so happy that our 24 sleepless nights led to us becoming best friends. 

To Sophia and Ryan: Thank you both for relentlessly supporting me through my run as EIC. Ryan, you are one of the most talented people I know at FSU, and I’m still in awe that I was mentoring you when you first showed up here. Sophia, you're so smart and thoughtful, and the paper has been so lovely under your leadership. 

To Liv and Adam: Bringing Bevvies to Framingham for my last semester was heartwarming and rewarding. You both individually bring so much love and light to my life. 

I also want to thank Sandra Rothenberg, Millie González, Ben Trapanick, and all my fellow peer mentors. Being a peer mentor was pivotal to my growth as a leader and teacher and was the most fun job I had, sharing my love for learning with students. 

Framingham does not look like Greenwich Village, but I wouldn’t trade a day in the city for the long nights I spent laying out The Gatepost, eating just-OK food in the Dining Commons with my best friend Madison, or even that one horrible - and I mean - horrible - class. 

Wishing FSU the very best,

Emily Rosenberg


As a transfer student, I had concerns about fully immersing myself in the FSU experience. However, the opposite occurred.

First and foremost, I extend my gratitude to all my professors over the past two years. From mathematics to sports sociology, each semester brought a new perspective and a wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Krul, I owe you a debt of gratitude for your unwavering support and guidance as my advisor. Without your encouragement, I wouldn't be standing here today, ready to graduate. You recognized the potential within me, even when I doubted myself, and provided an environment within the department that allowed me to flourish academically and personally.

To my fellow MERC interns, our weekly meetings were a highlight, and I cherished our collective learning experience. Special thanks to Professors Rosero and Donna for their mentorship and for entrusting me with the invaluable internship opportunity.

Mikey, Sonnet, Em, Spencer, and the rest of the Charlie Brown cast, your friendship and camaraderie have made this year truly unforgettable. From shared laughs to overcoming challenges together, each moment spent with you has been a cherished memory.

Camila, you were my first friend at FSU and the epitome of an amazing roommate. And to Amie, thank you for always putting up with my antics.

To my fellow math majors, your camaraderie made even the most challenging classes infinitely more bearable. The memories of the math lounge will remain etched in my heart forever.

Lastly, to my parents, your unwavering support has been my rock through it all. Thank you for believing in me, no matter what.

Emma McCurdy


The people who tell you college is a big turning point in your life aren’t that far off - I can say with certainty that the person who came here four years ago is not the same person who wrote this.

College gave me the space to figure myself out a lot, and at this point in your life where you’re rapidly growing into the person you’re going to be, that is so important to have.

It wasn’t always the easiest thing to navigate through - and there are people who are to thank for that. However, there are way more people who made this such an unforgettable experience for me and they deserve a huge shout out.

Kyle, Sam, Nathan, Connor, Rohan, Lauren, and Mattheus - I cannot express how much all of you mean to me especially during these last few years. I’ve known some of you for over a decade now, and I couldn’t be happier that we’re still so close. I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys - I'm sure it’ll be absolutely crazy.

Mom, Dad, Cameron, and Meghan - thank you all for always supporting everything I do and always making me feel valued and loved.

To my fellow Gateposters - especially this semester - thank you for this amazing time together. I loved all the cooking I did with my fellow Arts & Features staff and even though we made such a robust issue every week, I’m glad I can finally sleep on Thursdays now.

I sort of always knew I would be a communications major, and now that it’s all done I’m so happy I did it. I got to come to class and do stuff that I loved, and had so many amazing opportunities from it.

I did what I wanted to, and now it’s time to go.


Jack McLaughlin 


To Alex Krett

Thank you for being the best Outing Club president one could ever hope for. You are the smartest, most awesome person I know. Ever since I met you I aspired to be like you. You're not just a friend - you're my best friend. Our journey began at the club org fair, where your enthusiasm for the Outing Club captured my attention. Coincidentally we discovered we were both enrolled in the same discrete math class, the most challenging class I have ever taken, but you supported me and encouraged me not to give up with patience and encouragement. As a shy freshman joining the Outing Club, you welcomed me and let me be a big part of the club. We went on so many fun adventures! Each week, I eagerly anticipated our next adventure together. Whether it was hiking in various breathtaking locations, apple picking, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, or ropes coursing, you made every outing memorable. You made such a huge positive impact in my life. You have made my freshman year of university so fun. It's bittersweet to see you graduate, but I know you're off to do amazing things in biochemistry! 

Yair Rachmany


To Ryan Mikelis 

Thank you for being such a beacon of positivity in my freshman year of university. You are the friendliest, most welcoming person I have ever met. You have inspired me to pursue leadership roles in clubs and engage with the Framingham State community. Your simple gesture of saying hello wherever our paths crossed in the halls meant more to me than you may realize. Some of the memories I cherish with you include going to the whale watch, honors program apple picking, and the Boston lighthouse tour. As you prepare to graduate, I find myself experiencing a bittersweet mix of emotions. While it saddens me to bid farewell to a friend, I am also filled with excitement for the incredible opportunities that await you. I have no doubt that you will achieve remarkable success in all your future endeavors.  

Wishing you the very best of luck in all your endeavors,

Yair Rachmany


Well, four years have come and gone just like that. But in my time at Framingham State, I have grown endlessly through opportunities and experiences that I could have never even imagined in my first year at college. It's a surreal feeling, having put so much time and effort into my undergraduate career and finally having to step back and say goodbye. Yet, at the same time, I am very excited for the future, which will undoubtedly be full of new memories to be made. There is uncertainty in the future, but this is a good uncertainty which makes me excited for new experiences and the next step in my life. The friends, advisors, and mentors who I've met along the way have proven to be the result of a college experience of which I have no regrets. If I could go back and restart my undergraduate career, I'd change nothing. My experience has been full, and I know for a fact that I will forever look back fondly of my time at FSU.


Before I graduate, I would like to say thank you to my support system of endless peers and advisors who helped me grow and become the person I am proud of today. You all have shaped my life and experiences at college into something I am proud of and forever thankful for. My teachers, friends, parents, and family have made such a difference in my college experience, and I am grateful for that. 


That’s all for now, so it's time to say a bittersweet goodbye to Framingham State University! 

Ryan Mikelis


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