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SGA allocates funds to Alternative Spring Break, Dance Team

By Mark Strom

SGA allocated to two organizations this week, including $6,000 to FSU’s annual Alternative Spring Break [ASB].

According to the event description on the budget request form, “Alternative Spring Break is a student-run trip that dedicates spring break to a community in need.”

Tori Dost, financial and organizational trip leader for ASB, explained the money would pay for student meals during the trip. The club “used the university standards for meal costs for conferences and trips. That’s $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, and $12 for dinner, per student for eight days.”

Senator Yaw Boateng asked about the maximum number of students allowed on the trip.

Dost said although in previous years the maximum number of students allowed was 27, “this year, logistically, we’re only going to be able to take a maximum of 25 students. It’s 27 people total,” including two faculty chaperones.

According to the ASB page on the SILD portal of the university’s main website, “FSU will be heading to Detroit, MI for ASB 2015. Interested students should apply on CollegiateLink by Oct. 1.”

The FSU Dance Team, Fusion, requested $5,020 to fund a trip to the Celtics vs. Lakers game in Boston on Dec. 5. These funds were approved by SGA.

Of the allocated funds, $1,020 will go to paying for two school buses, and $4,000 will go toward buying 100 tickets at $40 each.

Students will be charged $20, and proceeds will “roll back” into SGA’s unallocated budget, said Student Activities Trust Fund Treasurer Cassandra Zullo.

The bus will be leaving at around 4:30-5:00 p.m. on Dec. 5, and the game begins at 7:00 p.m.

In other news:

• Senator Caitlyn Murray addressed the issue of potholes in Maynard Commuter Lot during open forum. According to Murray, at least four parking spots are affected by large potholes. She expressed concern regarding their potential worsening during the winter.

• The Week of Kindness will occur on Nov. 10-14. SGA plans to host Rachel’s Challenge on Nov. 13, a presentation put on by the brother of a victim of the Columbine shooting who promotes a message of kindness. A blood drive will be held on Nov. 14.



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