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SGA allocates Pride Alliance $2,747.36 for Day of Silence T-shirts

By Jesse Sannicandro

Members of The Wildlife Club eBoard expressed concerns regarding a SILD policy preventing second-semester seniors from being funded for out-of-state conferences during SGA’s open forum on Tuesday, March 21.

Club President Drew Shaheen said, SILD chose not fund the club because seniors would not be returning to the campus for long,

Senator Adam Scanlon said he would like to revisit the issue at the next SGA meeting.

SGA swore in Brianna Goulet as a senator for the class of 2018 and Ben Carrington as senator at large.

The Equestrian Club was approved for a funding request of $1,736.25 for a trail ride at Bobby’s Ranch.

The Education Club was approved for a funding request of $1,375 for 250 T-shirts for sandbox. There was a debate when Student Trustee Karl Bryan said that T-shirts are not a good use of SGA funds.

SATF Treasurer Sarah Horwitz said she supported the use of funds.

“I believe that we are all here to advocate on behalf of the student body and I think T-shirts is what the student body responds to, so I’m going to support their T-shirts” she said.

The Journal of Critical Thinking was approved for $1,075 for 100 copies of the journal.

The Pride Alliance was approved for $2,747.36 for 450 shirts to spread awareness of FSU’s Day of Silence. The club was also approved for $2,080 for four students to attend the Northeast LGBT Conference.

The Food Science Club requested $1,868 – $1000 was for the rights to screen the documentary film, “Food Evolution,” $868 was requested for both 50 event-special T-shirts and 50 T-shirts with the food science logo.

There was debate when Bryan said that T-shirts were not a good use of SGA funds because 50 of the shirts were for the one-night event.

Senator Molly Fennessey said that two T-shirt designs would not be beneficial to the campus and made a formal amendment that the club would get funding if all 100 T-shirts were not special to the event.

Senator Steve DeMeo said that event-special T-shirts would be beneficial because a documentary is something you can watch multiple times.

The club was funded for the full amount as long as it ordered one design for the general club T-shirt and event.

SUAB was approved for a change to their club constitution.

Senator Seth Signa passed off the U-Rock to Class and Club Treasurer Maddie Alper because she had not received it yet and she was the “quickest one” to raise her hand.



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