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SGA approves funding for Fashion Club

Kathleen Moore / THE GATEPOST

Leighah Beausoleil

Asst. News Editor 

SGA allocated a total of $600 in funding to Fashion Club during its Feb. 18 meeting.

Fashion Club presented two funding requests.

The first request of $100 was for tables themed for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Monday Blues that would sell candy, goodie bags, and scrunchies.

Fashion Club President Kevin Follis said, “We planned on promoting through social media, flyers around campus, club meetings, etc.”

SGA Secretary Lexi Kays asked about using “Easter” as a title for one of the tables.

Sara Gallegos, SGA adviser, said the table name would have to be changed because Easter is a religious holiday.

Fashion Club agreed to change the table name from “Easter” to “Spring.”

The funding request was approved.

The second funding request of $500 was for their “Make it Work” event for March 28.

Fashion Club Treasurer Kara Swanson said, “It’s kind of like a Project Runway style. We’ve put it on. It’s an annual event. All students are welcome to go.”

“It basically starts at 8 a.m. and it goes to 8 p.m., and students just create a garment and then they get judged on that,” she said. “Then we have our winners. We are getting donated prizes. We are asking for $500 for fabric and material.”

Ayanna Ferguson, publicist and recruitment coordinator, asked how they would use the money to provide materials for the event.

Follis said the $500 would “probably get us a couple stacks of yardage of fabric just because we usually give a couple options because sometimes people aren’t loving what they get.

“We usually give three or four start up choices, and we include finishings, which would be buttons, zippers, threads, etc,” he added.

The request was approved.

After the funding requests were complete, SGA officers gave their reports.

Gallegos announced the launch of, a website the University purchased in order for students to engage in three ways.

“There is ‘Thrive,’ which really talks about your health and wellness,” Gallegos said. “There’s ‘Seed,’ which kind of gets at your academics, and then there’s ‘Matter,’ which is talking about engagement, involvement, socializing – that type of thing.

“It’s a huge kind of resource bank for everything that we have on campus that talks to those things.

There’s also goal-setting features,” she added.

Olivia Beverlie, student trustee, granted senator McKenzie Ward time to give an update on her position as Open Education Resource (OER) ambassador.

“I think we are fourth in the state for OER pledges, which is fantastic,” Ward said.

“I am also looking for students to talk to about OER and their experience with buying textbooks, specifically the financial burden that buying textbooks puts on speciCc students,” she said.

“If you know any students [or professors] willing to talk to me that would be fantastic,” Ward added.

President Matty Bennet announced “Advocacy Day” for March 2.

Bennet explained Advocacy Day is when “students will go to the State House and advocate for more resources for higher education.”

Beverlie said, “They usually have a keynote speaker who is very well versed in the whole subject about why higher ed. Advocacy Day is important.

“They always have it in the Great Hall of Flags,” she added. “It’s a really great opportunity to be in the State House and work on advocating.

“Also, you have the opportunity to go visit your representatives’ offices and talk to them about why you think it’s important,” she added. “It’s a really good way to get our voices heard on a state level.”

This event is open to all students. For those who are interested, please contact SGA ahead of time. It is an all-day event.

Bennet also announced the independent Alumni House scholarships that are open to all students.

Although the rock remained in the SGA office, the “U-Rock” award was presented to Senator Paola Bilbraut.

[Editor’s note: McKenzie Ward is a Columnist for The Gatepost. To contact Ward concerning

Open Education Resources, email her at]


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