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SGA approves funding to six different clubs

By Molly Dubrowski

SGA allocated over $15,000 to six different clubs and organizations at its meeting on Tuesday, April 4.

Brother 2 Brother was allocated $3,939 for its King of the Court event on April 26. It is a three-on-three basketball tournament to promote diversity, according to the club.

During discussion, there was a motion to remove the cost for a DJ. Student Trustee Karl Bryan said SGA should try to save money where they can and cut where they can.

The Marketing Club was allocated $1,093 for the fRampallooza event. The club initially requested $4,200.99 but received the reduced amount due to cuts of laptop stickers, a Snapchat Ulter, the Hoffman Productions DJ and the addition of tables and chairs.

Parlimentarian Kyle Rosa moved to not allocate any money for the fRampallooza event, but this motion failed.

HerCampus received $3,590 for items to hand out at Sandbox on May 5. The items are tote bags, tumblers and pens.

The Aspiring Health Professionals club was allocated $2,100 for T-shirts to give out at Sandbox. Senator Seth Signa moved to allocate $0 for the event, but the motion failed and they received the full amount requested.

The Black Student Union requested $2,221.50 for its Culture Show. However, the numbers for all the items they wanted did not add up correctly, and after Secretary Bridget Green correctly calculated the total – $4,189.25, they were allocated the full amount.

Anime Club was allocated $2,870.90 instead of its original request of $4,070.90 after cuts were made to Bingo night prizes and a movie screening of “Ghost in the Shell.”

Student Activity Treasurer Sarah Horwitz said at FinComm, Psychology Club was allocated $300 for water bottles, Math Club was allocated $277 for laptop stickers, College Republicans Club was allocated $200 for an informational Skype call, HerCampus was allocated $167 for an Express Yourself event and Craft Club was allocated $70 for a paint night event.

During officer reports, Bryan expressed concern about allocating money for T-shirts.

During SGA open forum, Senator Steven DeMeo again expressed his concern regarding the old basketball hoop behind North Hall and said it needs to be replaced.

Senator Molly Fennessey said, “the little pathway near the library, the dirt path, is not going away. I think we should see if we could get it paved.”

Matt Helwig was sworn in as a senator by SGA President Ezequiel De Leon.

He said the Accepted Students Reception on Saturday, April 1 went well and six people were “seriously interested” in signing up for SGA in the upcoming fall semester.

Secretary Bridget Green said there will be Hospitality Tables for the last week of classes, May 1-5.

Senator Benjamin Carrington was selected as Senator of the Month and he also received the U-Rock from Senator Brianna Goulet.

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