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SGA approves motion for new campus safety committee

Natalia Voloboy

SGA Secretary Erin Johnson’s safety committee was unanimously approved during the Oct. 30 meeting.

Johnson said her goal for the committee is to gather input from students regarding safety and to use that input to “strengthen the feeling of safety on campus.”

“There was an overwhelming need for it on campus, especially after the October 1st incident with the girl on campus,” added Johnson.

Johnson said lighting on campus is a prevalent issue.

“The mission of my committee is going to be to address the problem of safety on campus with campus police and increase the amount of lighting on campus, because that’s clearly the biggest issue that we’re having.

“A lot of people are really interested in doing this,” said Johnson.

In his President’s Report, SGA President Ben Carrington gave an update on the soap dispenser and hand dryer “pilot program” that was submitted by Senate last year.

This initiative was estimated to cost $17,239 and was spearheaded by former SGA President Kyle Rosa and former Senate Chair Mike O’Brien.

“This project was denied by the administration due to the conflicts of the use of the SATF funds stated in Massachusetts laws – as well as university policies, and policies set forth by the Board of Trustees,” said Carrington.

Carrington added this does not have to be a “dead end” for the project.

“This is something that has a lot of student concern, and there’s still different avenues to get this done,” Carrington said.

In her report, SATF Treasurer Driana LeBron said Fashion Club was allocated $479.08 for their Fashion Week during Finance Committee.

LeBron also said her committee allocated $3,284 of “emergency funding” for Afro-Caribbean Dance Group.

SGA eBoard held an “emergency meeting” to review and approve the request due to the Oct. 23 meeting cancellation, according to Vice President Alex Backer.

Class and Club Treasurer Allie Flood said the Oct. 26 Halloween-themed fundraiser for SGA made $20 and that no further money would be spent on another fundraiser.

“There’s only revenue that can be made, so that’s a positive,” said Flood.

Brother2Brother’s funding request was tabled until next week.

Rachel Lucking, assistant dean for campus engagement, spoke to SGA about club funding.

“I am going to put the ‘fun’ in funding,” said Lucking.

Lucking spoke about the importance of staying consistent and objective when allocating money.

“You’re setting a precedent every time you vote on something. You are not giving money to the club – you are giving the money to support the event,” said Lucking.

Senate Chair Stephanie Bennett said the RamLink form, “Rams, Hooves, and Headaches,” was deactivated last semester and a new form called “Have a Concern? Tell SGA” took its place.

“It’s on the news page, so it’s the erst thing people see if they scroll down,” said Bennett.

Carrington said the SGA retreat will take place this Saturday, Nov. 3.

Student Trustee Ayanna Ferguson said the Administrators’ Forum has been set for Dec. 5.

“Mark your calendars,” said Ferguson.

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