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SGA discuss The Week of Hope, changes to own constitution

By Shelby Wood

SGA senators reviewed the upcoming Week of Hope events at their first meeting of the semester on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

The events are being spearheaded by Social Events Coordinator Scott Shea.

“The Week of Hope is basically instilling hope within the Framingham State community,” said Shea.

“Mainly, we want to unite the student body. ... We all stand for something. By going to college and furthering your education, you have to hope for something to come out of that,” said Shea.

SGA senators discussed a proposal determining the difference between clubs and organizations, as well as who is allowed to join organizations, but no final decision was reached.

The constitution of the eSports Club was looked at for a second time. The club’s purpose is to “create a network of gamers who are interested in competitive video gaming through meetings and tournaments.”

Senators approved a $2,300 request from Fashion Club to fund a drag show. Additionally, the “Make it Work” fashion competition will be on Feb. 19. The contest fulfills a participation in a competition requirement for fashion majors, but is open to all FSU students as well.

In other news, the you rock, rock was given by Kevin Long to Elizabeth Cameron for all of her hard work.



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