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SGA discusses low event attendance

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By Jillian Poland

Student Trustee Karl Bryan criticized SGA members for not attending last week’s Administrators’ Forum in a message shared by Secretary Bridget Green during the SGA meeting on Nov. 28.

Bryan was unable to attend that SGA meeting due to work obligations, but Green relayed his message to the senate during the Student Trustee’s Report.

Elaborating on the statement in a separate interview, Bryan said he was “extremely disappointed” so many SGA members “didn’t bother to show up” to the Administrators’ Forum.

Green said only eight senators attended the Administrators’ Forum, even though SGA duties were cancelled.

Bryan also noticed that few SGA members attended a previous BSU meeting, despite senate being canceled so members could attend.

Bryan added, “Admin Forum is about resolving issues for the student body, and because they didn’t bother to show up, that’s them saying that they don’t care about the issues the student body faces. ... They should do their jobs.”

During open forum, Senator Jamal Kirk said the number of students who attended the Unity Workshop FSU hosted on Nov. 13 was “startling.

“At the student walkout, we had about 300 people begging the administration to do something to address the bias incidents that happened, yet when the school provided an opportunity to get involved and take advantage of things and move things forward, five students showed up – and two of them were Gatepost employees,” he said.

Kirk said SGA should reach out to the office that held the event to find out “where the breakdown happened” so they can find a solution to get more students involved in the future.

During his President’s Report, Kyle Rosa said he met with Glenn Cochran, director of Residence Life, to discuss having soap and paper towels supplied for the bathrooms in the residence halls.

Rosa said the amenities were removed as part of the University’s effort to be a green campus, a practice that is not uncommon for state schools. Residence Life is willing to talk about the issue and negotiate if that is what students want, added Rosa.

Students who want soap and paper towels in the bathrooms should talk to their Hall Council

representatives, said Rosa.

“They’re actually going to be having a big meeting soon, and that’s where they’ll address this and take a formal vote. From there, hopefully it will pass, and I won’t have to do anything. But if it doesn’t, then we’ll be involved again,” he added.

Members of the Equestrian Club gave a presentation regarding their trip to the Equine Affaire

Exposition on Nov. 11.

Club members attended demonstrations about “natural horsemanship” and the uses of various horse breeds throughout history, said Treasurer Matthew Banks.

Club President Julia Barrone said the exposition gave them ideas for future events and for information to include at their National Day of the Horse table in the McCarthy Center on Dec. 13.

SGA also entertained funding requests from campus clubs and organizations.

SUAB received $7,524.13 to take six SUAB members to the National Association of Campus Activities National Convention in Boston from Feb. 17 – 21. Parking fees account for $696 of the total. The conference entrance cost is $384 per person. It will cost $846.93 per room for four days.

Marketing Club received $300 for transportation to CommCreative Marketing in Framingham for a tour. The trip will be open to all students.

In other news:

• Student Activity Treasurer Sarah Horowitz was voted eBoard member of the month.

• Senator Alex Becket was voted senator of the month.

• Senator Amanda Taylor presented the U-Rock Award to Horowitz.



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