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SGA discusses preferred names on residence halls documentation

Adam Levine / THE GATEPOST

By Sophia Harris

News Editor

At the first meeting of the spring semester, SGA discussed concerns about the use of preferred names on legal documents and changes to orientation.

President Dara Barros said a change has been made to require the use of legal names on residents' dorm closing documents.

She said only legal documentation needs students' legal names, and because the closing agreement is not a legal document, it should not require students to provide their legal names.

She said students have raised concerns about being deadnamed on documentation that is not legally required by the University.

Barros said when she brought the concern to Stephanie Crane, associate director of Residence Life, Crane removed the name requirement from the closing document when residents move out of their dorms because it is not a legal document.

Barros said the only legal document that must have a student's legal name, in regard to Residence Life, is the housing license agreement that is signed online.

She said she is looking into the creation of a streamlined strategy for students to submit their preferred names and pronouns once so it can be available on all Framingham State platforms.

Sam Houle, SATF treasurer, called an emergency Financial Committee meeting in order to approve the Ski and Snowboard Club’s request for $1,000.

He said he is trying to negotiate the request to $999 so the threshold is below $1000 in order to approve it at the Financial Committee level and not at the senate level.

Evelyn Campbell, outreach and events coordinator, highlighted last semester's success with Kindness Week.

She said a lot of students followed SGA’s Instagram.

She added it is essential students follow their Instagram given it is SGA’s main form of communication.

Advisor Leah Mudd highlighted the success of the spring semester’s student orientation.

She said the new student orientation on Jan. 12 went “super well.” FSU welcomed 56 new first-year and transfer students.

Mudd said a new model was recently introduced that will change the structure of orientation for new students.

She said the new model was approved through executive staff, “which was super exciting.”

Mudd said the new model will offer a couple more support days for students.

“It's really to help students take care of business and also just get connected over the summer,” she said.

Mudd said the orientation program will start after these days of assimilation on Sept. 2, which will consist of three days of programming for orientation, followed by the first day of school on Sept. 6.

“A lot of other institutions in the area are also moving to this model as well,” she said. “So we've got a lot of great knowledge coming in about what that process looks like. And I'm just really excited. There are a lot of really great opportunities for us.”

Mudd said Lauren O’Neill has started at a new position as associate director of Career Development Center.

She said, “Go say, ‘Hey,’ welcome yourself, or introduce yourself and welcome her.”

Barros said the Academic Policy Committee is looking for junior or senior students to participate in academic honesty appeals.

She said the committee needs students to participate in it for the remainder of the year.

The committee needs students to serve on it to hear cases related to academic honesty.

She said any junior or senior can join the committee and gain leadership experience to possibly use on resumés.

The “U-Rock” was presented to Barros by Senator Billy Hubert.

“I know you do a ton of work around here and I want you to know that it's greatly appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed,” Hubert said.



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