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SGA funded $879.95 for new chairs

By Andrew Willoughby

Student Trustee Karl Bryan said his proposal to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” was thwarted due to miscommunication.

Bryan reported this during his trustee’s report at SGA’s weekly meeting on Oct. 10.

According to Bryan, President F. Javier Cevallos thought he wanted to “lead a discussion” as opposed to simply changing the name of the holiday.

Bryan said he hoped the University would “embrace the name change to set an example for the broader MetroWest community.”

“No one was to blame for the situation,” he said.

Bryan said he hopes the name change goes through for next year.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many SGA members wore pink to the meeting.

SGA President Kyle Rosa said they wore pink as a way to “bring awareness to [breast cancer]. The biggest tool we have is a large group of leaders and visibility. We are using this resource to bring more attention to breast cancer.”

SGA unanimously approved its own funding request for $879.95 to replace five desk chairs in the organization’s office.

Rosa said the new chairs will replace the president’s, vice president’s, administrative assistant’s, secretary’s and student trustee’s old chairs.

Gaming Club President Robert Quist requested an amount not to exceed $1,155.43. He said the funds will go toward shirts, food and decorations for the club’s “Last Day on Earth” Halloween event. SGA approved the request.

Jack Capello, craft club president and SGA vice president, requested $791 for club meeting supplies. This includes supplies to last for the remainder of the semester.

“Last year, we had to turn people away because we didn’t have enough supplies. That broke my heart,” said Capello.

The funding request was approved.

Equestrian Club President Julia Barrone and Treasurer Matthew Banks received $874 from SGA to fund a trip to the Equine Affair in Springfield, Massachusetts on Nov. 11. The travel and conference request included funds for a van and driver, seven tickets to the event and food for the participants.

Wildlife Club President Drew Shaheen proposed a change to a funding request which was approved last week for the club’s annual whale watch event on Nov. 4.

Shaheen requested an additional $337.50, as the student discount of $27 per ticket he was initially quoted by the New England Aquarium only applies to high school students. College students instead receive the senior discount of $33.17.

Wildlife Club’s request was approved.

During the President’s Report, Rosa said the tree branches that had fallen on the roads and walkways last week have been removed. However, Senator Alex Backer said more have fallen since.

During the Vice President’s report, Capello said Community Service Club’s constitution was approved.

Student Activity Treasurer Sarah Horowitz announced the Big Budget meeting will take place on Feb. 9 and 16 at 4 p.m. in the Forum.

Rosa swore in freshman Matt O’Sullivan as a senator.

Social Events Coordinator Hailey Small presented Senator Olivia Beverlie with the U-Rock award.



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