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SGA funds student organizations for FY2015

By Jennifer Johnson

SGA senators have approved the budgets for FY2015 for their own organization, SUAB, The Gatepost, Hilltop, and WDJM.

SUAB budget request of $162,389.25, was the largest. It is going to be allocated a wide variety of events in attempt to appeal to a diverse group of people on campus. This budget request is a 1.6 percent decrease from last year’s.

Of the amount SUAB requested, $42,203 is dedicated solely to the annual “Large Performer” event. Including funding for ticket sales, volunteers, talent, booking fee, T-shirts, wristbands, an opening artist and publicity.

According to the report submitted by SUAB Treasurer Riley Fallon, they have requested a larger budget for the performance event because “we would like to book a better known name to increase attendance.”

SUAB has not added any additional events to its calendar next year. The budget allocates funds for: Sandbox, semi-formal dance, Welcome Week, Winter Welcome Week, Family Fun Day, Bingo, Fright Fest, game shows, Homecoming, Miss FSU, Mr. FSU, movie nights, Night of Hope, Ram Idol, Red Sox tickets, retreats, Accepted Students’ Day, Casino night and multiple bus trips.

Additional funds requested by SUAB will fund promotional/marketing, novelty items and entertainment costs.

The amount of funds required by SGA for FY2015 are yet to be determined because requests for “unallocated funds” and payroll for the Administrative Assistant are unknown.

According to SGA President Larry Liuzzo, the unallocated funds “are determined by the number of students paying into the Student Activities Trust Fund each year.” Essentially, this number cannot be determined until student enrollment for next year is finalized.

Cassandra Zullo, student activities trust fund treasurer, said, “The administrative assistant payroll is determined by SILD, who gets that number from the union.”

SGA is dedicating $27,925 for general purposes. This funding will cover expenses for office supplies, promotional items, fees, fines, licenses, SGA President’s book expenses, permits, Sodexo and non-Sodexo food orders, activities/events, office equipment, Sam the Ram cleaning and Club Room II supplies.

The rest of the budget will cover: travel and conference expenses, the All University Banquet,

benevolence awards, CollegiateLink, leadership weekend and the Ram Handbook.

The Gatepost requested a budget of $48,543.50. According to the report submitted by Kerrin Murray, editor-in-chief, “The funds requested cover the cost of printing 12 issues of The Gatepost per semester, as well as the technology, office supplies and administrative support required to produce it.”

A total of $23,208 is allocated for printing costs over the next year. The cost for printing may vary due to number of color pages, as well as the size of the issue. Cost for printing may also vary due to the number of pages in an issue.

The rest of the budget will fund: Administrative Assistant’s payroll, technical equipment, oece supplies, postage, web fees, puzzles membership, membership and awards, social supplies, water, computers, EarthLink, movie tickets, and funds to replace the printer/copier machine.

WDJM requested $5,594 for fiscal year 2015. The budget will be dedicated to bringing more attention to the radio station, funding events, promotional items, and $545 for licensing and fees required to operate a radio station.

The radio engineer’s payroll is $3,000 of the requested budget and the remaining funds are allocated for: Monster Mash Halloween dance, Battle of the Bands, WDJM Hoedown, and promotional items.

The Hilltop Players requested $14,438, which will be dedicated to a “Fall Straight Show,” Fall musical, spring show, spring musical and additional expenses.



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