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SGA holds its first meeting of the year

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By Naidelly Coelho

News Editor

During its first meeting of the year, SGA addressed concerns about the new multi-factor authentication and welcomed new eBoard members Sept 12.

President Evelyn Campbell said students have been having difficulties with the multi-factor authentication that is required starting this year to access the FSU email.

Senator Ben Hurney said he has opened his email “multiple times'' and been repeatedly asked to authenticate even though he had the app open already.

“So I just kept doing that for like an hour and eventually it worked itself out. But now it's just kind of annoying,” he said.

Campbell said if any students have any issues regarding the multi-factor authentication, they should reach out to IT and they should be able to figure out the issue.

Senator Tony Sims brought up an issue regarding a lack of security at the gym. He said a lot of equipment has been missing.

As a response, Vice President Raffi Elkhoury said there are many cameras in the gym. However, he is not sure if the cameras are operational at the moment.

Elkhoury also said some students have also been complaining about the signage on the game room door. The game room sign says to enter the room, students need “a keycard access” and it simply means they need their student ID, he said.

Elkhoury said he will be bringing this up to the right people since “it’s an easy fix.”

Campbell swore in returning senators Ben Hurney and Tony Sims.

Over the summer, Campbell appointed new eBoard members to occupy the open seats, she said.

Ellen Lopes will act as diversity and inclusion officer for the year.

Lopes said she hopes to meet with all affinity groups and gather their concerns with the hopes of coming up with solutions together.

Aimme Takoud will act as SATF treasurer. She said her job will be to keep SGA on its toes when it comes to spending and budgeting.

Anna Risotti will act as secretary. She said she is very excited for this year and hopes more new people join SGA.

During officers' reports, Ryan Mikelis, student trustee, encouraged students to go to the next Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 20.

He said it’s good to have students at these meetings so faculty and administrators understand that students are interested in being part of decisions made for the University.

Mikelis emphasized the importance of the RAMS Resource Center, which is located next to the overhang walking up from Maynard Lot to West Hall. RAMS Resource Center has free items to students that have been donated from food pantries and organizations around the Framingham area, he said.

He said the school has partnerships with different stores that will offer student discounts and students should take advantage of that.

The RAMS Resource Center is looking for volunteers, especially during the summer when the demand for goods becomes higher.

The new Chief of Police, Joseph Cecchi, was present at the meeting to introduce himself to students.

“One of my goals here is to really collaborate with student groups, as well as faculty groups on campus, to have a working relationship on problem solving. I might not have all the ideas, but we can come up with them together,” Cecchi said.

Cecchi said he wants students to have a voice and be heard by the police department and other departments as well.

Elkhoury said the General Education Board is hosting an open forum to review the Gen-Ed program. He encourages students to go and understand how the credits are distributed and what courses apply to certain requirements.

Liv West, outreach and events coordinator, presented the “U-Rock” to Campbell for her great initiatives and for helping students transition into their roles.



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