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SGA holds last meeting of the semester

By Naidelly Coelho

Asst. News Editor

During its last meeting of the year, SGA swore in its 2023-24 members, made changes to its constitution, and seniors gave their final tearful goodbyes April 25.

President Dara Barros swore in the SGA president for next year, Evelyn Campbell, outreach and events coordinator.

Next year’s senators, Dillon Riley, Billy Hubert, Michael Trueswell, and Ben Boyer were sworn in by Campbell.

Raffi Elkhoury, vice president, presented the changes made to SGA’s constitution. All changes were voted into effect during the meeting.

Elkhoury said one change was made to the wording of a bylaw about graduate students.

He said graduate students are not given the opportunity to pay SATF funds, but in the constitution it says that graduates who paid SATF funds could join SGA.

“That part is rude saying the grad students can voluntarily pay SATF funds because that's not something that's possible within the organization,” he added.

Elkhoury said another change made to the constitution allows graduate students to join SGA, but because they do not pay SATF funds, they cannot be a voting member.

Additionally, he said the diversity and inclusion officer is no longer appointed by the president and will be an elected position.

Elkhoury added the outreach and events coordinator will now upload information to Ramlink and social media instead of the secretary.

SGA invited members of student organizations to the meeting for the students to present on the conferences they attended this academic year.

The Gatepost presented about the College Media Association (CMA) conference that they attended in March in New York.

Emily Rosenberg, associate editor of The Gatepost, said the CMA conference provides all kinds of opportunities to journalism students in the hopes to improve the newspaper.

Sophia Harris, news editor of The Gatepost, said this opportunity is “great” for students because Framingham State’s Journalism Program is small. Therefore, having this opportunity allows students to gain access to information they would have otherwise not had.

Harris said, “It’s not only benefiting me as a person who wants to go into journalism as a career in the future, but also the Framingham community, as well. That's really why I love journalism here because it's benefiting our community.”

Members of FSAB presented about the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) conference that they attended in October.

Campbell said FSAB went to learn more about vendors and create relationships with people that can benefit FSU.

Senator Dillon Riley, who is also a member of FSAB, said they were able to go to workshops where they learned about “new techniques, marketing techniques, and ways to get students involved.

“From those networking connections, we are able to further get discounts on the vendors that we have coming,” he said.

SGA Advisor Gina Pacitto presented on behalf of Brother to Brother (B2B) for its trip to the Black, Brown College Bound Conference in Tampa, Florida.

She said this conference had workshops that were hosted for networking and educational purposes.

During officers' reports, McKenzie Ward, student trustee, said the last Board of Trustees will be held May 12, which will be the day she presents next year’s student trustee, Ryan Milkelis.

SGA’s seniors said their final goodbyes.

Ward said she feels “very proud” of everything she has accomplished at FSU. “I just wanted to just thank everyone for this. In fact, probably this is the best thing that I've ever chosen to do.”

Secretary Mark Haskell said he thanks everyone for the opportunity to be in SGA.

SATF Treasurer Sam Houle said he feels “great” to be able to walk around campus and know that he belongs here.

“Hopefully, I've been able to help you guys out a little bit to just enhance ourselves,” he said.

The “U-Rock” was presented to Hubert by Senator Liv West.



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