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SGA updates senate on hate crimes

By Christina Fazio

SGA President Kyle Rosa discussed the recent hate crimes in Larned Hall during his President’s Report at the meeting on Oct. 31.

He specifically spoke about what SGA has done to contribute to ending these bias incidents.

Rosa said he brought all of SGA’s ideas to Lorretta Holloway, vice president for enrollment and student development, who then passed them onto the whole administration.

“The administration is taking them very seriously,” said Rosa.

He said SGA discussed with the administration the impact the crimes were going to have on campus culture and safety. SGA also discussed FSUPD training and what actions are being taken.

“There is an expert coming to campus,” said Rosa. “They are going to help train the administration.”

Rosa said, “There are two outside companies coming in to do more training with FSUPD specifically on how to handle these bias incidents.”

Additional ideas about what to do in the wake of the hate crimes were mentioned in Rosa’s report. These included grants for courses on diversity, faculty discussion on how to talk about racism in the classroom, revised faculty hiring practices, a grant submitted for more diversity in the STEM program and professional development training for next year.

“You guys are being heard and are making a difference on campus, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you,” said Rosa.

Student Trustee Karl Bryan discussed a mental health forum to be held on Nov. 20.

The open forum will give students a chance to talk and ask questions of President F. Javier Cevallos, Chief Brad Medeiros, Executive Vice President Dale Hamel and other faculty members about the topic, said Bryan.

Secretary Bridget Green spoke on behalf of Vice President Jack Capello.

Green said Capello wants to put together a volunteer night at the MetroWest YMCA. She said it is a “great opportunity to work with kids and do activities with them.”

The Math Club requested $1,043.75 for its trip to the Breakout Boston event held on Dec. 8. The event is a problem-solving escape room.

Sarah Horwitz, vice president of the Math Club and SGA student activity treasurer, said it is very similar to 5 Wits at Patriot Place, which the club visited in the past. She said they did not feel challenged enough during the past trip.

“You can’t do math without problem solving,” said Horwitz.

SGA approved the funding request.

The Equestrian Club requested $969.90 for stickers and T-shirts for the upcoming “National Horse Day @ FSU.”

Treasurer Matthew Banks said the club wanted to have T-shirts made because it is the best way to get the club’s name out to the campus.

SGA approved the funding request.

SGA members attended the meeting in costumes and concluded their Tuesday night meeting with a Halloween party.

Molly Fennessey, SGA class and club treasurer, making a joke about her seven dwarves costume, said, “I’m feeling bashful. I yield.”

Senator Jamal Kirk was awarded Senator of the Month.

Ben Carrington, SGA parliamentarian, presented the U-Rock to Senator Aurora Sullivan.



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