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Softball alumni win annual game again

Alexis Schlesinger / THE GATEPOST

By Adam Levine

Sports Editor

Framingham State softball hosted their annual Alumni Game at the Maple Street Field on Homecoming Weekend Sept. 23.

Head Coach Larry Miller said, “First off, the Alumni Game is one of my favorite days of the year.

“Over the years, going into my tenth year, the group that played for me gets bigger and bigger and really has that attachment to the program,” he added.

Rachel Desrochers ’17, an assistant coach, said she played second base during her time on the team as an undergraduate.

Desrochers said, “It's really nice to see the people that I played with.

“Also being a coach, it's awesome for our current players to see the people who came before them and how far the program has come.”

Gwendolyn Carpenter, a fifth-year student who plays outfield for the softball team, said there are roughly four or five players on the alumni team she played with.

Carpenter said, “It's awesome to see the girls who graduated last year and the year before, but it's also so much fun to see people who you get to know who you never played with.

“We get to see and talk to people who have played - who’ve been in our shoes for years before, and it's a really cool day to be able to see the community that FSU softball has created through being a team together,” she added.

Desrochers said, “The alumni always win - always pull it out in the end.”

Miller said the alumni won “one hundred percent.

“There’s no question about that,” he added.

Carpenter said, “It's funny, somehow every year, they seem to squeak it out.

“They might get a few extra outs here and there and a few extra runs, but I'm sure I'll appreciate that when I'm on the other side of it,” she added.

Miller said there’s a “legacy” for the current team to continue to build on.

He said, “It’s hugely important to just continue building on that culture.”



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