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Spacey’s cards collapse

By Lizzy Stocks

Timing is everything – and Kevin Spacey was late to the game.

On Oct. 30, Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” star and Hollywood A-lister, rightfully received widespread criticism for the timing of his coming-out statement.

Following actor Anthony Rapp’s accusations of sexual assault by Spacey – when Rapp was only 14 years old – he released a half-hearted apology statement in which he “coincidentally” came out as a gay man, via Twitter early Monday morning.

Coming out is a courageous step in the process of self-acceptance. I should know. I conquered my closet years ago at a high school pep rally.

However, there are countless things wrong with Spacey’s untimely decision to come out in an attempted apology for sexually assaulting a child.

But perhaps the most notable disturbing factor is his justification of his grotesque behavior, deeming it as “inappropriate drunken behavior” – immediately followed by his choice to “now live as a gay man.”

First of all, Kevin, intoxication is never an excuse for sexually assaulting another individual.

Especially a child.

And second, the LGBT+ community continues to combat prejudice and discrimination every single day – if you were really on our side, you wouldn’t perpetuate the harmful notion that all gay men are pedophiles.

Sexual assault and rape victims are continuously silenced by their fear of coming forward and naming their attackers, especially in the entertainment business. Spacey’s choice to tweet his “apology” paired with his coming out is a slap in the face to Rapp bravely speaking out as a victim.

It’s particularly troubling that Spacey seems to believe a Twitter apology in which sexually assaulting a child is chalked up to drunken misconduct automatically excuses his repulsive actions. More troubling than his attempts to justify this behavior is his decision to undermine the gay community by equating homosexuality to pedophilia.

Coming out is a courageous step in the process of self-acceptance. Kevin Spacey does not get to conquer his closet at the expense of a child’s innocence and the perception of an entire community.


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