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State Street Style: Cardi vs. Nicki: Fashion Edition

The Gatepost Arts and Features Staff

Team Cardi or Team Nicki?

This is the question music fans have been debating since the two rappers’ feud came into the limelight several months ago. Both artists have been tweeting and recording disses. The even had a physical altercation at a party during New York Fashion Week.

But the real showdown is on the red carpet.

While Nicki and Cardi are both known for their bold fashion choices, their styles are ever-evolving and almost always covered by the press.

Cardi has a unique ability to showcase a sexy look while also keeping it classy. She gives off major Jessica Rabbit vibes, with a refreshing style that she is not afraid to have fun with. In the past, Cardi has stunned in garments by designers such as Christian Siriano, and has been vocal about her love for online retailer Fashion Nova.

Ever since her 2010 hit song, “Superbass,” Nicki Minaj has made plenty of headlines on the fashion front. When she first came on the scene, Nicki rocked crazy wigs with mixed patterns and color-blocked outfits. In the past few years, her style has grown more functional, a bit toned down while staying true to the wild Nicki Uare that her fans know and love.

There was an altercation this month between Cardi and Nicki at Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party. Nicki arrived in a low-cut, tiger-striped, high-low gown, paired with leopard-print pumps and a slicked back scrunched blonde hairdo. And yes, this is the toned down version of Nicki’s style.

Cardi showed up to the event wearing a red, floor-length Dolce and Gabbana gown with ru[ed sleeves. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper had her hair pulled back in a middle part with a low ponytail of curls in the back and a bronzed makeup look. While her dress covered her shoes, Cardi allegedly threw one of her red Elie Saab high heels at Nicki during their fight.

Both women exited the party after their altercation – Nicki posing for pictures outside of her car, and Cardi with a massive bump on her eyebrow and a shoe count Cinderella can relate to.

While we think Nicki and Cardi both looked red carpet ready and stayed true to their respective styles, we’re giving this round to Cardi B. Nicki’s mismatched prints on her dress and shoes made the look confusing and hard to follow. Cardi’s red gown made a statement on the carpet when most attendees were wearing neutral colors.

The feud between Nicki and Cardi doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, so no matter whose team you’re on it’s best to stay tuned. Let’s just hope no more dresses are torn or shoes thrown.


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