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State Street Style: Denim is a girl’s best friend

The Gatepost Arts and Features Staff

By Lauren Paolini

and Caeley Whalen

Staff Writers

The year is 2001. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears show up to the American Music Awards’ red carpet, and the denim game is changed forever.

Whether it’s your favorite pair of skinny jeans or your trusty jean jacket, denim is a tried and true staple in everyone’s closet. We’re not saying you have to go full Justin and Britney and bust out your denim cowboy hat or mini jean clutch. There are plenty of easier, more toned-down ways to embrace the revival of denim this fall season.

Remember when your jeggings were so tight in middle school you could barely sit down? Maybe this fall, you can try out a looser It, such as a boyfriend jean or a mom jean.

Boyfriend jeans are low-rise and more relaxed through the leg. We suggest pairing a simple graphic T-shirt, or a button down with a front tuck with the jeans. Roll the cuffs up at the bottom, slip on some sneakers, and you’ve got an easy to throw on, new favorite outfit.

For more of a high-rise It, try out the mom jean. Grab a cropped fall-colored sweater and some layering necklaces, and with only a few pieces, you look put together. This is also the perfect way to incorporate your go-to crop-tops into your fall wardrobe.

If you find yourself cringing at all of the denim options in your own closet, perhaps you need to raid someone else’s. Although she may call them “dungarees,” your mom’s wardrobe might just be hiding the one garment that’s about to make your life complete:


Whatever terminology you use, there’s no mistaking a classic pair of perfectly tailored overalls.

Ignore the misconception of these beauties being only for children and scarecrows. With a fitted tee underneath and your favorite pair of Converse, these bad boys serve up a combination of fashion and comfort: no belt necessary.

One of the most dependable pieces in anyone’s closet is their holy grail jean jacket. An oversized jean jacket can take your joggers or leggings up a level, for a comfy yet complete look.

Although some of us try to avoid the jean-on-jean “Canadian Tuxedo,” mixing different denim pieces is actually in style right now. Try pairing your two favorite washes together, and you might find you love the outcome.

No matter which It or piece you decide to go with this fall, denim is an easy way to change up and have fun with your wardrobe for the season. After all, denim season is the best season!



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