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State Street Style: Hey, Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?

The Gatepost Arts and Features Staff

By Lauren Paolini

and Caeley Whalen

Staff Writers

This just in: you don’t need to spend a pretty penny to look beautiful.

If you’re anything like us, the thought of walking into a consignment shop and sifting through a bunch of old lady sweaters may not seem like the best way to >nd your new favorite outfit. However, after talking to FSU fashion merchandising students Nicole Stanton, a senior, and Madison Curpenski, a junior, we found that this is a complete misconception.

The truth is being thrifty is, in fact, nifty.

According to Aisling Maria Cronin, of, the apparel industry is the second greatest polluter of local freshwater in the world. Also, in a recent Women’s Wear Daily article, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation uncovered that under 1 percent of material used for clothing is recycled into new pieces.


How can consumers do their part in helping out our favorite, and only, home planet? Try out a thrift store on your next shopping spree!

For both Stanton and Curpenski, their passion for thrift shopping started as a way to save some cash while staying stylish. The more they learned about the benefits of their hobby, the more invested they became.

Stanton said learning about fashion waste in her classes has helped her become more environmentally conscious while shopping. She said she chooses to thrift shop for both economic and environmental reasons.

Curpenski’s interest in thrifting started with finding unique pieces that would stand out from what everyone else was wearing. However, she transitioned into buying most of her clothes from thrift stores and online boutiques for environmental and ethical benefits.

Their favorite thrift store? Look no further than Savers.

While she loves the organization and layout of consignment shops, Curpenski said Savers is the place to go. “You can snag some really great gems at super low prices!”

The chain of stores offers unbeatable prices, and with a little effort, fashion treasures that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Both Curpenski and Stanton said some of their favorite pieces in their closets have been found on a thrifting spree. Although it was hard for her to narrow it down, Curpenski said her Gucci horsebit loafers are her favorite recent find. Stanton said a tailored wool coat with orange teddy bear appliqué is one of her favorite unique pieces.

We have the receipts – thrifting is a great way to be kind to your wallet and our good old friend Mother Nature.


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