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Student charged with drug violation

By Alexandra Gomes

An abandoned bag of marijuana led to two students being charged with possession of FSU property, taking campus resources and endangering health and safety. One of them has been charged with violating FSU’s drug policy.

On Thursday, Nov. 6 a bag of marijuana was found on the Door of O’Connor Hall. According to the incident report written by Officer Matthew Lavery, an SDA Shelia Texieira “pointed to a clear plastic sandwich bag on the desk that contained a small amount of a green leafy substance which I know through my training and experience to be marijuana.”

Texiera indicated to Lavery that she believed the bag belonged to a specific resident of the building, and that he had dropped it on his way inside. Assisted by Officer Sean Deleskey, Lavery went to speak with the student at his dorm room.

They were met by the student’s roommate who invited them inside. “I noticed a moderate odor of burnt marijuana,” said Lavery in the incident report. Lavery asked the roommate if there was any marijuana in the room, and the roommate denied there was.

The student suspect came back to his room at this time, and was told why the Campus Police officers were there, and asked if he had any marijuana. The student stated he didn’t, and according to the report, Lavery advised him “of what the RA had reported to us and asked again if he had any marijuana. [He] stated he may and opened the top right drawer to his desk. There was no marijuana.”

Lavery then showed the found bag of marijuana to the student and asked if the bag belong to him. The student confirmed the bag was his, and that he had smoked marijuana in his room earlier, contributing to the smell.

The student was issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana. Additionally, while in the room, the Campus Police officers discovered a chair from the common area. The roommate was “advised to remove that and place that back in the common area,” according to the incident report.

Lavery reviewed the security camera footage afterward, and confirmed that the student he had spoken with was the one who dropped the bag.



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