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Study break suggestions

Creative writing

By Francisco Omar Fernandez Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Finals season is tiring and stressful. One way to help fight that is with breaks.

One idea on something you could do in that break is some creative writing.

I know - this sounds like more work to many people. But here is what makes creative writing different, and more fun, than writing another essay. You can write about whatever you want.

If you’re feeling stressed but have no one to vent to, you can write those feelings and stressors down. Ramble on for as long as you want. Whether it takes up a few lines or a page, I find it helpful to express those thoughts in some capacity.

Writing during your break can also keep you from getting too off track and losing time. It’s a bit better than scrolling through social media again, at least.

I like taking some free time to just write some poetry. It can be anything you want, like pent up feelings, or a particular event, or abstract ideas. You can look up prompts if you’re feeling indecisive.

‘The Midnight Gospel’

By Liv Dunleavy

Staff Writer

As the semester ends, I find myself in a loop of starting one assignment, working for a few minutes, getting bored, and moving on to another - never finishing anything.

The endless assignments make me feel like that episode of “SpongeBob” where the SpongeBobs are scrambling around in a fiery chaos searching for his own name.

When I need to focus, one thing I trust to turn down the noise is “The Midnight Gospel” by Pendelton Ward and Duncan Trussell.

The series follows the storyline of real podcast interviews from “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour” and creates a fictional world with absurd characters including a spacecaster Clancy, voiced by Duncan Trussell.

It has eight episodes so it’s an easy watch, and a great time goal for yourself. Each character has such calming tones of voice, so it’s easy to tune them out, like white noise.

Watching the show grounds me to my work so I don’t get distracted. It really helps.

It’s easy to lose track of time, and I’ve studied through the full three hours of content without even needing a break.

Emily Monaco / THE GATEPOST

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

By Paul Harrington

Staff Writer

When I need a game to relax, I book a virtual visit to the world of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is a social simulation game for the Nintendo Switch. The premise of the game is that you move to an uninhabited island, and watch it turn into a thriving community.

“New Horizons” is a splendid way to take a step back from life and to do whatever you want. The game is full of bubbly characters, sleek clothing, and crafty creations waiting for you.

The game lets you take the lead and make your own decisions in terms of progression. You can either take it one day at a time, or pull an all-nighter. There is no punishment in your playstyle.

Another enjoyable aspect of “New Horizons" is the ability to collect creatures. You can catch bugs, sea creatures, fish, and dig up fossils. All of the above have the option to go toward the in-game museum that looks stunning as you fill it up.

“New Horizons” is the definition of a relaxing game. It allows players to live their dream life and forget about finals.

‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

By Dorcas Abe

Staff Writer

If I'm studying really hard for a long time and I need to be calm and focused, I like to watch “Howl’s Moving Castle.” I really like the story and I always notice something new with each watch.

It’s also chill enough that I can have it on in the background without getting distracted, but captivating enough that I can focus on it when I stop studying. I've also watched it enough times that I don't have to pay attention to know what’s going on.

Sophie, Howl, Marcus, and Calcifer are all really fun and interesting characters to follow. Their relationships really make me feel less like ripping my hair out from stress.

Studying can be pretty rough on my eyes too, so an opportunity to look at the rolling hills and townscapes really gives me the chance to relax for a little while. It is amazing how beautiful the animation is.

Most importantly, it has a happy ending to look forward to. It has a relatively low-stress plot and immaculate vibes for just not letting the stress of tests and papers get to you.

Practicing mindfulness

By Emily Monaco

Editorial Staff

The end of the semester is always going to be stressful because all of your assignments will start to pile up and you’ll start to feel the pressure of finishing everything on time.

A really great way to take a break from studying is practicing mindfulness and you can do that through meditation, which is one of my personal favorites.

Meditation is a way to rest your body without sleeping, and it can be really great for keeping yourself grounded and making yourself feel more refreshed so you’re not constantly working yourself too much.

You can start with guided meditations, and then work into your own meditation sessions, focusing on things that you want to. Initially, starting with guided meditations can really help ease one into the practice if you don’t know where to begin.

This is a good habit you can carry throughout life. Meditation helps give your brain a break and keep you in the present!

‘‘Awaken, My Love!’’

By Jack McLaughlin

Arts & Features Editor

The multi-talented artist Donald Glover, who works under the moniker Childish Gambino in his music endeavors, has a perfect tribute to 1970’s funk music that can serve as an excellent break from studying.

“‘Awaken, My Love’” starts off with the initially calming then bombastic “Me and Your Mama,” which clues listeners into the mix of soothing and loud tracks that await them.

“Boogieman” and “Riot” are phenomenal examples of energetic tracks - which sharply contrast the softer moments on the first half like “Zombies” and the big hit of the album “Redbone.”

If the first half is considered to be the energetic side, the second half is certainly more mellow and introspective. Soothing tracks like “Baby Boy” and “The Night Me And Your Mama Met” are not only beautiful, but are also a perfect illustration to how far Glover can stretch his musical talents beyond his rap origins.

Whether you want something relaxing, something to hype you up, or something that makes you think, “‘Awaken, My Love!’” has all of that waiting for you.



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