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Support our elders

Caroline Gordon

Asst. Photos Editor

Supermarkets became a warzone as customers battled each other, coveting toilet paper.

The flimsy bathroom product is more valuable than gold in the era of COVID-19.

Every person on this Earth has been impacted by COVID-19.

In times like these, it’s only human nature to think “every man for themselves” while hustling through aisles and pushing past others to get the last pack of Scotts.

The majority of people infected by the virus struggle with upper respiratory symptoms and fever.

However, those who are elderly have a higher risk of serious infection, sometimes leading to death.

U.S. News & World Report discussed a study published in the Journal of the American Medical

Association, which compared age-related mortality in the United States to that of other countries that have experienced the virus longer than us.

“The overall mortality rate reported was 2.3%, that rate increased to 8% in those ages 70-79, and nearly 15% in those ages 80 and older,” according to the study published Feb. 24 on the outbreak in China.

We need to take care of the elderly.

Being around large groups of people and then visiting grandma is not a smart idea.

However, taking a trip to the supermarket and dropping off groceries for grandma, while of course staying at least six feet apart, is a smart idea.

See? Simple.

Please take this seriously. Think of your elderly loved ones.

There are a multitude of ways we can aid the elderly as the pandemic worsens.

Picking up prescriptions, social distancing, and keeping in contact via phone calls can help seniors during this trying time.

Communicating with neighbors, friends, and loved ones who are most at risk because of their age group goes a long way.

An interview with Dr. Alicia Arbaje on the Hopkins Medicine website stressed the importance of keeping elders connected through technology. However, many older people are unfamiliar with modern methods of staying in touch.

Dr. Arbaje offered some tips to help the elderly use technology. Therefore, you can remain in contact and support them.

“Show them how to video chat with others using smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Use apps on these devices to provide captions for adults with hearing challenges.”

So, in order to support our elders, shop for them, pick up their prescriptions, and stay in contact through technology.

Your vacation can wait.

You have many years ahead to enjoy all life has to offer. For the coming weeks, you can afford to take time out of your schedule to support elderly people during this pandemic.

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