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Thank you, Bradlee Nadeau

RAs pose for a group photo including Bradley Nadeau
Courtesy of Hannah Devlin

Last year, Bradlee “Brad” Nadeau could be found early in the mornings making coffee in his Corinne Hall Towers dorm room - class syllabi decorating his walls.

Bradlee was getting ready to hand out fresh cups of coffee to the maintainers of his hall - spreading joy and love as he’s always done throughout his life.

On April 27, the Framingham State community learned that one of us passed away. Bradlee had lost his life to a rare genetic disorder that he battled for a long time.

We are so devastated to see such an inspiring and beloved person - a friend to so many of us - pass so young.

Bradlee represented everything that makes us proud to be a member of the FSU community.

During his FSU memorial service May 5, Bradlee’s father, Gary Nadeau, said his family will not be putting the date of his passing on anything because Bradlee’s optimism, jokes, encouragement, and the lessons he shared will live on in each and every one of us.

The Gatepost wants to take this time to remember the amazing student many of us have learned to love.

Bradlee was beyond dedicated to this University. He represented the best of what being a member of the Framingham State community should be.

He was a senior food and nutrition major, enrolled in his department’s 4+1 program.

President of the Nutrition Club, a former RA, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi - Bradlee did it all despite his health challenges.

His motivation and drive stemmed from his desire to help everyone he possibly could - a fact that surprises no one who knew him.

In his day-to-day life, Bradlee brought about positive change and inspired everyone he met.

Bradlee’s greatest desire was to return to Boston Children’s Hospital, not as a patient, but on the other side for a change.

He wanted to take his degree and help children like him, who have had to spend much of their lives in and out of hospitals.

Because of this, Bradlee put his all into his studies. Despite health complications that may have made learning more difficult for him, Bradlee nonetheless earned A’s.

Though Bradlee knew his life was likely to be short, he lived life as if he were going to live forever, and we believe this is a lesson we can all take to heart.

Bradlee has shown us what it means to be grateful for the lives we have and how to live to the fullest.

Our hearts go out to Bradlee’s parents, Gary and Julie Nadeau: You raised an incredible man and could not have done a better job.

To his sister, Ashlee Nadeau: Bradlee felt like a brother to us all, so we can only imagine the love you shared growing up together. We are so sorry for your loss.

To his girlfriend, Savanna Hernandez: The love you and Bradlee shared was beautiful. Hearing the story of your love is an inspiration to us all. We are so happy he had you in his life.

To his best friend, Noelle Meunier: It is clear to us Bradlee was your rock and you were his, too. He could not have had a better person in his life to call his best friend.

To his RA community, including Caroline Cowart, Hannah Devlin, and Samantha Stafiniski: Hearing the stories of the love and comradery you shared with Bradlee throughout last year reminds us all of the small moments we have with one another that we cannot forget to cherish.

To everyone else close to Bradlee: You have been incredibly blessed to have known such an outstanding man. Anyone would be lucky to have been in your place and to know Bradlee beyond the stories that have been shared. We hope your memories of Bradlee always remind you of his kindness and love.

Bradlee, you are so loved for the person you were and the lives you’ve changed. You are an inspiration to each and every one of us.

Bradlee will never be forgotten. He will remain with us forever and will always be in our memories and in our hearts.

He has taught us what it means to be a good person and to live a full life.

Thank you, Bradlee - for everything.


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