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The Gatepost Editorial: Advice to next year’s SGA

The Gatepost Editorial Board

The position of SGA president is, inarguably, one of the most essential roles on campus.

An SGA president has to communicate effectively with clubs, students, departments and administrators. They should be accessible, reliable, respectful and transparent.

Not only does the president relay the student body’s opinions and needs to administrators and faculty, but he or she also presides over the whole of SGA – they appoint senate chairs, run SGA e-Board meetings and serve as a mediator among clubs and organizations.

We at The Gatepost would like to offer some advice to the next SGA president and e-Board.

SGA is a time-consuming commitment and a large responsibility for any student to take on. We applaud those who run and volunteer their time to represent the student body.

However, The Gatepost covers every weekly SGA meeting, and our reporters have recently noticed a lack of enthusiasm and professionalism among some SGA members.

Senators’ attendance has been low, and when they are present, they sometimes ask clubs ill-informed questions.

SGA meetings in general can be disorganized and confusing. It seems some senators and SGA members are not well-versed in SGA procedures.

This kind of behavior is understandable in the fall, when members are new and getting the hang of SGA meetings. However, it is nearing the end of the spring semester and SGA meetings still don’t run smoothly.

Senators and SGA members might benefit from more opportunities to practice SGA procedures and learn how to contribute effectively during student government meetings.

The Senate should also be more accountable for their actions. A strict attendance policy should be enforced, and SGA should focus on recruiting students who are passionate about politics, social justice and student rights.

Without students who are engaged and impassioned, who yearn for change and progress, SGA will ultimately become just a source of funding for clubs.

And while that funding is important, SGA is supposed to be so much more than that. This year, current SGA President Ezequiel De Leon instituted an open forum, held at the beginning of every SGA meeting, during which any student can come and raise an issue.

This is a great first step. The next SGA president should follow De Leon’s lead, and encourage

opportunities for students to voice their opinions and prompt change.

We realize SGA is made up of students – so is The Gatepost. They are still learning, and they will make mistakes. However, they are still a form of government here on campus, just as we are a professional newspaper.

If the next SGA president and e-Board wish to prompt change and progress on campus, they have to really commit.

Additionally, the rest of the student body has to commit with them. We encourage all FSU students to be active in the governance of our campus, and to vote in this year’s election on Tuesday.

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