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The Gatepost Editorial: College is a balancing act

The Gatepost Editorial Board

As students in college, we often find ourselves juggling one too many tasks – something we’re sure many of you can relate to.

Whether it be managing your course load, working full-time, or catching a break to go out and socialize, most of us struggle to maintain all three.

It’s like walking a tightrope. The more you’re forced to carry, the harder it becomes to maintain your balance.

From tyrannical managers, to unreasonable hours, and even unaddressed workplace hostilities, it can seem impossible for a student to find the time – or mental stability – to do their classwork.

Similarly, overbearing syllabi, hours worth of homework for single classes, and multiple 10-page papers all due at once can make it seem impossible to balance a part – or full-time job.

But a lot of people still manage to do it – and so can you.

To start, we recommend keeping an agenda.

Planners are a cheap solution to completing work on time and keeping up with your responsibilities.

Whether it be something as small as a Hallmark Holiday or as big as that 10-page paper, the Dollar Store has your back.

If you work during the semester, we also recommend being open with your boss at the very start of your tenure.

Sitting down and having a conversation regarding your availability is crucial to juggling the role of a full- time student. Trust us – you do not need to be a hero and work every day if you can’t handle it.

If your boss unreasonably demands you work more hours than you can manage, that job may not be the place for you. Your education should always come first.

You have every right to refuse or leave your job to find a new one – one that will work with and value you and your schedule.

A great opportunity to consider is one of the many on-campus jobs the University offers.

From being a Security Desk Attendant to working in the campus bookstore, there are a plethora of jobs you can find at FSU that allow more than enough time to get school work done.

Every employer on campus recognizes you are a student first and foremost. For that reason, there is a 20-hour per week cap for student employees. Plus, some on-campus jobs – such as the Student Transportation Center – provide more than minimum wage.

Living on campus and avoiding the local traffic will not only help you save on gas, but leave more money in your pocket.

We also recommend being totally transparent with your professors.

More often than not, professors will be inclined to work with you if you’re open about your anxieties and busy schedule. They understand you have responsibilities, as they were once college students, too.

Chances are they went through exactly what we’re going through now.

The final piece of advice we offer is realizing when you have too much on your plate.

Know that it is OK to take a break between assignments, and request a weekend off from work so you can go to that concert with your friends – your future self will thank you.

College is supposed to be the best years of your life.

Don’t make them years you will look back on with regret.

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