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The Gatepost Editorial: Don’t give yourself a ‘heart’ time

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

The Dunkin’ doughnuts are coming out in heart shapes once again, adorning their classic coats of pink-strawberry frosting with sprinkles, and serving as a reminder to us all that Valentine’s Day is approaching.

For those in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be exciting as it means another opportunity to shower their significant others with gifts or take them out on dates. However, for those without a significant other, it can be an incredibly lonely time.

It’s hard enough at any other time of the year for a college student to be single, given that social media pressures people into feeling the need to showcase their relationships as “picture-perfect.”

Not having a relationship to broadcast online can make students feel as if they are outcasts.

If this is how you feel, The Gatepost would like to offer you some advice.

Forget about #couplegoals.

There are so many different types of love that can be celebrated every day and especially on Valentine’s Day.

In elementary school, we would give out Valentine’s cards to every single one of our classmates and teachers because we wanted to show love and care to all.

Why is now any different?

Love for your friends and family - or anyone - should not be limited to the commercialized ideals of this holiday.

It is not childish to love.

And let’s not forget the most important love of all: love for yourself.

It is often easy to feel unworthy during this holiday when it seems everyone is coupled up except for you. This can be very damaging to a person’s mental health.

Loving yourself, especially on Valentine's Day, is not shameful and should be normalized even for those who are in romantic relationships.

Take care of yourself.

Take time out of your schedule to do the things that make you feel good and happy.

A holiday with the sole purpose of encouraging demonstrations of passionate love should instead be focused on the celebration of all the relationships in our lives.

Additionally, it can be stressful for couples who already have their anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays for which to buy gifts.

Between classes ramping up, managing internships and jobs, and taking care of other responsibilities, Valentine’s Day can be an added burden in college students’ lives.

Love shouldn't be stressful.

Valentine’s Day should be about taking the time out of your day to share your appreciation of the people in your life and not about buying expensive gifts.

Know your and your circle’s love languages.

Showing your love could be as simple as spending quality time with one another or simply telling someone how you feel.

Friends host “Friendsgivings,” a Thanksgiving for friends to gather and feel thankful for each other. This concept should be carried over to Valentine’s Day.

Buy yourself a heart-shaped doughnut.

Or write a note to a family member sharing how you feel about them.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be lonely because none of us is ever truly alone - even when not in a relationship.

Love is everywhere you look.


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