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The Gatepost Editorial: March on!

The Gatepost Editorial Board

This past weekend, history was made.

An estimated 5 million women marched around the world to tell the U.S. government that women’s rights are human rights.

While the size of the marches speaks for itself, what truly makes this march a success is its peaceful, yet forceful nature.

Zero arrests were made at the many marches across the United States, and many officers were pleased with the atmosphere.

William Evans, Boston police commissioner, said during a news conference, “We had no issues, we had no arrests and it was refreshing to see so many people come out in support of something they believe in.” Approximately 200,000 marched in Boston.

It is easy to see why many are calling the marches a huge success. However, the true impact of the marches has yet to be seen. Many are wondering whether the marches represent a moment, or a movement.

While the marches served as a great reminder of what can be accomplished when citizens work together, it is important that Americans continue to unite and fight for their rights.

We at The Gatepost encourage students to take an active role in expressing their beliefs.

With such a divisive election, many may feel their voices were not heard and their rights are in danger. People may feel scared, but the marches on Saturday showed that those worried about women’s rights are not alone.

Millions showed up to protest on Saturday, but it will be all for nothing if they don’t continue to show up for what they believe in.

This is a concept that organizers of the Women’s March obviously took to heart.

According to, they have already launched a new campaign called “10 Actions / 100 Days.” Every 10 days, citizens are encouraged to “take action on an issue we all care about.”

Considering the number of executive orders President Donald Trump has issued during his first week in office, it is safe to assume there will be many changes coming within his first 100 days.

Which is why we at The Gatepost believe the leaders of the Women’s March made the perfect choice in encouraging action within these next few consequential months.

If Women’s March organizers want their new campaign to be as successful as their marches, they will need to be as vocal and bold in promoting the cause across social media.

While the marches were, in themselves, impactful and impressive, this new campaign is one that could really make a difference.

We at The Gatepost hope everyone who showed up to the marches will also participate in 10 actions / 100 days.

We at The Gatepost encourage not only the participants of the marches to take on the 10 actions / 100 days campaign, but everyone who feels dismayed and underrepresented.

Stand up for your rights. Tell your government what you need and deserve, and be a part of history.

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