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The Gatepost Editorial: Rams Rising at last

(Left) Design Editor Maddison Behringer and Associate Editor Donald Halsing recruit new students at Rams Rising April 2.
Desmond McCarthy / THE GATEPOST

By the Gatepost Editorial Board

On April 2, Framingham State hosted the first of its in-person Rams Rising events, which had been held remotely for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was a near-perfect day for the community to come together and celebrate Ram Pride.

Brick pathways guided visitors to each of the buildings making up our historic campus – its charm only enhanced by the blooming pansies and new spring grass.

Visitors from all over came to FSU to explore the many programs and opportunities it has to offer.

For many of us who have attended FSU during the pandemic, Saturday was the best gift any of us could have asked for: hope.

For the first time in two years, campus life seemed almost normal as students, faculty, staff, and administrators all joined together to promote what we love most about FSU.

Stepping into each building, prospective students got a taste of what FSU is truly about – our


This Rams Rising was not just a celebration prospective students needed: it’s what our community needed. We 6nally got to experience what has been missing from campus the past two years.

Starting March 6, COVID-19 safety guidelines began lifting on campus. Now, people are able to be maskless in most places, excluding classrooms, some offices, and large indoor gatherings.

FSU’s COVID-19 positive test rate has remained below 1%, providing us with reassurance about these decisions.

Given these changes, Rams Rising felt almost like a “Coming Out of COVID-19” party, providing all of us with a glimpse of normalcy.

The hard work and dedication of everyone involved in this event cannot go unnoticed.

We at The Gatepost want to thank everyone who came out Saturday and made this celebration possible.

Thank you to the Dean of Students Office, SILD, and all the other offices that played a role in organizing the “State Street 101” Resource Fair.

Student organizations hosted fun and exciting tables with branded merchandise and interesting activities – who wouldn’t want to join an organization that has Play-Doh©?

Students and professors from an array of majors shared great presentations about their FSU

experiences and the classes their departments have to offer. Our excitement of all we learn together was reflected in the faces of prospective students as they anticipated what their future educational journeys will entail.

Student workers, including tour guides, worked hard to provide assistance to visitors traversing our campus.

Facilities did an amazing job with the landscaping of the campus, allowing it to blossom after months of cold and severe weather.

Dining Services went all out in preparing for the flood of visitors who not only desired to 6ll their minds with information, but also their stomachs with warm, delicious food.

New Student and Family Programs did a fantastic job hosting informational sessions for both

prospective students and their parents.

We can’t forget all the planning that went into this day. Thank you to the staff of the Admissions Office, who prepared such an elaborate and informative event that so perfectly demonstrated the community we have here at FSU.

We are so stoked to do it all again this upcoming Saturday.

This event has marked a new beginning for all of us at Framingham State.

Despite the remnants of COVID-19, we can cherish the hope we’ve gained through this community experience.

Thank you, FSU.

This is what we’re here for.

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