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The Gatepost Editorial: The light of Djeila Barbosa

Emily Rosenberg / THE GATEPOST

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

This past weekend, we lost a member of our Framingham State family - Djeila Barbosa, known to her friends as DJ.

To lose a member of the Framingham State community deeply touches us all. On a small campus, we are all interconnected, we see each other every day, and we share ideas, cultures, and hearts.

During this time of grieving, it is important to remind ourselves that we are here to support each other. You, as a member of our family, will always have the support of your fellow rams, whether they are your friends, professors, or members of the administration and staff.

Know that we are a community of love, a community that cares for everyone individually, and a community that can provide comfort.

During the vigil for Djeila, one of her friends, Clarity, said it is never corny to hug or kiss your friends, say I love you, and to make it be known that your love is unconditional.

It is our job to take care of each other.

It is our job to make it known to those who may not understand that they are loved and will always be cherished in this world.

It is never too overbearing to express care for your loved ones. You may never know when a loved one is struggling to ask for help. Your affection could provide them with hope.

Djeila was a sweet, artistic, and brilliant young woman who touched the lives of many on and off the Framingham State campus.

She had a contagious smile and didn’t think twice before lending a hand to others.

Her light brightened the Framingham State campus.

It is now our job to ensure her light continues to shine. She certainly made those who knew her feel loved and cared for. We can all learn from how Djeila lived her life and treated others.

In this moment of deep sorrow, our hearts are with those who were lucky enough to have loved Djeila.

To those who danced with her.

To those who laughed with her and sang with her.

We also want to thank Djeila for blessing our campus with her kind and humble soul. We thank her for inspiring others to be themselves and for being unapologetic about speaking up for what she believed in.

DJ, you will always be loved by your Framingham State family and you will never be forgotten.


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