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The Gatepost Editorial: The need for neutral news

The Gatepost Editorial Board

What do we do with the information we don’t want to believe?

This was the question posed last night by world-renowned journalist Jeanne Marie Laskas, who spoke in DPAC about her book “Concussion.”

“Concussion” is the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, his discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), his subsequent defamation by the NFL and his journey to the truth.

When Omalu first published his findings in a scientific journal, the NFL rejected his research and wrote a letter asking for a retraction, calling his research “completely wrong.”

People simply did not want to believe that their favorite, all-American sport was not only dangerous, but potentially fatal.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking has become increasingly common over the last few years.

Conservatives watch the famously right-wing Fox News and share politically charged memes from Breitbart on Facebook. Liberals read the left-wing Huffington Post and share memes from “Occupy Democrats” or “Being Liberal.”

Everyone, it seems, is getting their news from people who share their same beliefs.

We at The Gatepost urge the FSU community to educate themselves on media and journalism, and find a neutral source for news.

News and media are the only resources the public has to keep track of the government and community. By depriving yourself of an unbiased news source, you are depriving yourself of the truth.

As Laskas said last night, it takes courage to be curious. It’s hard to read about how driving that Wrangler you love is harming the environment. It’s hard to be told that store you love to shop at makes all of its clothing in a sweatshop in China.

It’s hard to realize that not everything you’ve been told by your government is the truth.

But that’s what the Fourth Estate is for. Journalists keep our elected officials in check. They keep us informed on the issues and allow us to make educated decisions during elections.

If you don’t already have a trusted source of unbiased news, find one. In the era of misinformation, fake news and “alternative facts,” we need all the truth we can get

The Gatepost’s trusted news sources:

• Associated Press

• The Boston Globe

• The MetroWest Daily News

• The New York Times

• The Washington Post




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