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The Gatepost: Shaping FSU since 1932

The Gatepost Editorial Board

In the very first Gatepost Editorial, published in 1932, the founding editors questioned whether a permanent student newspaper could be established and carried out successfully at Framingham State.

They believed, as we do today, that the permanency of The Gatepost relies upon the community’s support and contributions.

But why is it so important that The Gatepost continues its legacy of excellent and accurate reporting?

Why does student journalism matter?

First, student reporters are often the only people holding administrators and the Board of Trustees responsible for their actions.

While local newspapers may cover universities when a famous speaker comes to campus or a protest erupts, they otherwise ignore the happenings and events on college campuses.

You might find similar stories in The MetroWest Daily News. However, The Gatepost offers more comprehensive coverage from the student perspective.

Second, The Gatepost serves as a voice for the thousands of students on campus – many of whom would never have the chance to express their opinions to the Board of Trustees or administrators without the paper.

Whether students submit an editorial, are featured in the paper or interviewed by a reporter,

administrators are reading their opinions and, hopefully, taking them into account.

Third, The Gatepost serves as the primary record of Framingham State’s history.

For decades, Gatepost reporters have committed themselves to telling the stories of the Framingham State community that would otherwise not be heard.

In telling the tales of FSU, The Gatepost fosters an informed and inclusive community on campus.

This is what student journalism provides college campuses, and what The Gatepost provides

Framingham State University – an uncensored platform to speak out, and a hub of information for the University.

As we reflect on our 85-year history, we at The Gatepost cannot help but be impressed and inspired by the commitment and professionalism all the students who came before us displayed.

For nearly a century, students have volunteered their time and skill to inform and educate the

Framingham State community with fair and accurate reporting, and their work rivals those of their professional contemporaries.

Because of these students, The Gatepost has been influencing and shaping this University since its establishment in 1932.

We depend on you to help The Gatepost continue its legacy of excellence and professionalism in order to provide this University with the most accurate news possible.

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